Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We did it! The Soda Screamer Thirteener Half Marathon!

Well for those of you who don't know I have been doing a lot of training lately. Running that is. In June or July a friend of mine and I signed up to run our first half marathon. (Before we found out we were expecting! But it's been on my bucket list and when we did find out, I was already running quite a bit so I decided to stick it out!)

There was a trail run in the South Hills in August, but that didn't give us much time to train and trail running is different that we were used to, and they had very few aid stations on the trail, so we decided on this one instead. The Soda Screamer Thirteener in Soda Springs Idaho on October 11th!

It was a Halloween themed race, which was fun! In fact I got a cute skeleton shirt with a baby skeleton on it for myself and ordered a similar one sans baby skeleton for Paula, but as luck would have it they goofed up and ordered 2 baby skeleton shirts. When I showed her, she laughed and laughed! Good thing she's a good sport!

I have to say I had a lot more pictures, but somewhat they got deleted! (Cry!!) But at least these are still here!

We all headed to Soda the afternoon before the race and spent some time wandering about Lava Hot springs. For those of you who don't know there is very little as far as touristy stuff in Soda, so we booked a hotel in Lava. We ate at a the only Thai restaurant in town and enjoyed some time hanging out in the hot tubs and playing on the playground. A bunch of Ty's family wanted to try out their new camper so came up that night as well. 

 In my training I ran 12 miles in 2:29.14 and thought that if we finished under 2 hours and 45 mins we'd be good. 

So early the next morning we got up and Paula, her dad Kaye, and I headed into Soda. The rest of the crew would meet us there later, since watching a half marathon is really not that exciting! It was sooooooo cold, 38 degrees. We stayed in the car until the last possible minute and headed to the start. Kaye, Paula's dad signed up for the 5k that started a little later.

It's hard to see in this pictures, but we sprayed pink in our hair as well for a little extra flair! 

Kudos to Paula for running in these awesome bare butt shorts!

And we were off! The first 2 miles were up a steep hill which made it hard, but after about mile 3 we were finally starting to warm up from the cold. Paula and I have a very similar pace so it was great to have someone to chat with. 

I ate an early breakfast and some shot blocks before we started. There was an aid station at mile 6 and 9 with a port a potty that really came in handy (If you know pregnant women!) but drinking a little Gatorade each chance I got and 3/4 of a goo at mile 8 really helped!

 It was a beautiful run! The colors of the trees were just changing and the views were fantastic. I didn't realize it until the end, but a seasoned man we were chatting with said this is one of the harder 1/2s he's ever done...who knew?

The other thing with being pregnant is your hips loosen up and this made the last 2 miles not quite as pleasant as I had hoped, but we kept going! 

The girls, Ty and his family was about 1/4 mile from the finish and were there to cheer us on! 

I knew we were keeping a faster pace than we were used to so it was awesome to see our finish time of 2:32:29!!

 I was so excited about finishing the run, that I literally flew across the finish line!

Everyone loved Paula's shorts! hehe!

 They even had scones for everyone at the finish line! YUM! And BTW they were delicious! ;)

 They had a dress up table for the kids and Josie found a fun crown to try on while they were waiting. Both her and Kate got to use the pink hairspray as well!

Kaye finished up the 5k while we were still out running.

 He even used the pink hairspray one his own white locks! 

A the end he got a sweet prize for the oldest racer as well! Way to go Kaye!

Well we enjoyed the rest of our day relaxing and resting with friends and family (and hobbling around from being sore) and headed home Sunday morning after church. 

I didn't realize until a few days later when they had the scores up that both Paula and I finished 2nd in our age division! Pretty neat, especially for our first race!

Just a few more maps, splits and data for the record!

Thanks for the awesome race Paula!! And thanks Ty for all your support with the girls while I trained! Oh and I think the next time I run a race I will NOT be pregnant!

Update: Dec 8th After being on my feet for many many hours for the Festival of Trees, I went to the Orthopedic MD because my right foot was really bothering me for the last few days. While we were in Houston, Ty's cousin's wife mentioned she had suffered a stress fracture while she was training for a half and it got me thinking...I guess somewhere along the way I had incurred 3 stress fractures! So I have to wear a walking boot for the next 4-6 weeks until they heal.

I'm guessing it had something to do with being pregnant and the extra need for calcium for baby, since we ramped up our training quite slowly, OR me just getting old, but one will never know! ;)

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