Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall 2014

I'm a little behind, but hopefully I can get caught up soon! Here are some fun things we ended up doing this fall! 

First, some friends of our went to the Pumpkin patch with us. It was great! 

 These 2 are deep in thought! :)

Kate loved the slides. She literally went down about 50 times!!

The "cow" is having an identity crisis!


 Everyone loved the mini pumpkin slingshot and corn cannon! 

 At the pumpkin patch Josie picked out a lumpy pumpkin that she thought was cool!

Cute Kate!

The weekend before Halloween we went on out last camping trip for the year! Cry!
We just picked out a place on the map and found a road to get us there...true Sleight style! 

 Just Chillin'!

 Cheese...precious cheese!


 Kate looooooves four wheelin! Anytime, anywhere!

 Look at all our dirty faces!!

We made it into Nevada, but just for a few minutes before heading back into Idaho.

There were all kinds of hunters up there, but there were all on the west side of the mountain. We saw 7 deer in 10 minutes all on the East side of the hill! Silly humans! :)

Josie loved seeing them so close to us!

 Paula's 50th Birthday was on Oct 29th! So we hosted dinner Garabaldi's at her request!

Close friends and family

 I made this secretly healthy, delicious cake for her. I love the way it turned out! It's called a naked cake! (and it was so easy too!!!...but don't tell!)

 I took two different fancy dresses and made this Fancy Witch costume for Josie!

And the fancy hat to go with it!

 Kate's cat outfit (also upcycled from velvet lounge pants)

 All dressed up for their party at school! Kate didn't want to wear her ears and of course mom didn't think about putting whiskers on her, so it's hard to tell that she was a cat! Oh well!

 Cat and "Mummy"!

 Even mummies have to look good! :)

 Ty was feeling kind of sick so lucky for him we didn't make him dress up like a bat (and I ran out of time to make his costume!)

 Trunk or Treating at the church.

Later that night the girls and I went to a friend's for a Halloween party.

This little witch and cat were too tuckered out after so much candy and fun!

Happy Fall!

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