Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sleight Christmas Vacation: Days 7-9

Monday morning we went for a drive and found a nice playground to hang at until it warmed up a little bit and we could go to the beach!
We first went to Beacons Beach in Encinitas not too far from the playground.

 We played around here for a good while, but Rhett wouldn't leave his little sandbox at the bottom of the trail. I think he was a little bit afraid of the noise the waves made and the water wasn't exactly warm.

After awhile of Rhett whining we decided he was "sungry" (sad and hungry) and he had missed his naps for a few days now and was still waking up at 7:30 Idaho time (6:30 local time) so we headed back to Primo's for some more delicious pizza! 

Then we drove up the coast a bit to the beach we liked the most from Saturday in Carlsbad. Josie and Ty really wanted to try boogie boarding so we got a couple of boards from the nearby surf shop and took them out for a spin. 

Of course Rhett didn't want to go in the water with the board, but loved it when I pulled him from one end of the beach to the other! Let's just call it off season wakeboard training! :)

Josie tried the board out a couple of times, but scraped the bottom and was afraid to go back. In fact she wanted to go back out so badly she was in tears sitting next to me on the sand. For some reason right before we left she went back out for a few more waves. She really REALLY loved it!

These pics aren't great, but you can see Ty out there doing a decent job of it!

After the beach we drove back to the hotel and crashed the hot tub! It felt so good to get a little warmer. We forget that down here the hottest time of the day isn't 2-5pm like at our house. It's more like 11-1pm, so it got a little chilly with the ocean breezes. 

We hung out after that and watched some TV!
Poor little guy all tuckered out! He didn't even budge  when we changed him to his night diaper, pajamas and moved him to his own bed! Wow! 

 The next morning we packed up and headed north to see Josie's dream location...Hollywood!

She was really excited to see the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame.
Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia

 Kermit the Frog!!

"Maui" from Moana


And this one just because several people in my life have told me I look like her!
Too bad I'm not actually famous!

And this was an actor that Ty's mom liked, so naming him Tyrone wasn't a bad idea!

Then we ate at Pink's Hot Dogs a legend around these parts. We had to skip the chili dogs as we were driving, but they were pretty good for a hot dog!

Well all I can say is it was neat to see the stars, but super gross! Everywhere we went it smelled like piss, someone was trying to pedal something or there was a homeless person at your feet. I think Josie's offically reconsidered moving here when she grows up. Maybe she'll have more potential in Nashville?

We headed back toward Vegas and on our way to find the least expensive gas we stumbled on a little taco joint called Abuela's Tacos.

Can we say yum!? We definitely had a hankering for fresh mexican!

 I thought it was so cute the staff's stockings were actually oven mitts!!

We made the rest of the drive to Ely that night.
We stayed at the Hotel Nevada, which apparently had quite the history with it. It was the place several stars from Hollywood stayed on the their way to Sun Valley.
Check out more info about it here!

They have even installed a few of the stars on the sidewalk out front too! Cool!

We stayed in the Tennessee Ford room on the top floor.  You all know who that is right?

"The line, 'You load sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt,' came from a letter written by Travis' brother John. Another line came from their father, a coal miner, who would say, 'I can't afford to die. I owe my soul to the company store.'"

And just a few pictures of Kate's crazy sleeping habits. 


Before we left town Ty wanted to check out the Nevada Northern  Railroad Museum. Man that was awesome!! We spent nearly 3 hours there looking at all the cool stuff. We got to go into the engine house, walk around the yard, see the administrative offices. It was really neat!

 We also got to check out the machine shop, (I'm the granddaughter of the owner of Accra Machine) and it felt like home in there!

This was a perfect way to end our early Christmas Vacation!  Hopefully you don't get a lump of coal in your stocking! :) Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. Actually Ty was named after a guy I met while in boot camp in Fort Knox. Tyrone Harper. I do not thinks that either Karen nor I have ever seen a movie with Tyrone Powers. Ty does look like the guy on the wanted poster however.

    1. Hahaha. We knew it was after a guy you knew, but Ty also thought Karen also like it as it was the name of a famous actor...Oh well!