Friday, December 22, 2017

Sleight Christmas Vacation: Days 4-6

Friday morning we decided to use our last day at Legoland. We thought maybe we'd only stay until 1 or 2, but we left later than we did the first day! I honestly think we could have spent 3 days there. 

A much better picture this morning!! :)

And yes Kate usually puts her shoes on the wrong feet...everytime!!

 We all loved Aladdin's rollerblades!

 Of course more Beatle Bounce!!

The last thing we did was the SeaLife aquarium. This was a really cool octopus that Rhett and I watched for a while! They change colors to match their surroundings and can make themselves much much smaller than they actually are!

We loved the jellyfish and seahorses.

There were a ton of other really cool things. They loved the The kids loved the sea anemones and starfish in the rockpools.

 The next morning Santa made a special delivery to the hotel! New bikes for the girls!
Theirs were very old and literally starting to fall apart so we thought now would be the best year to ask Santa for bikes at Christmas! They were the biggest hit!! They got to ride them everywhere. Of course Rhett's pedal bike came along too, not to be left out. He's still slow, but getting much better!

Of course we forgot to take a picture of them in action, but they absolutely loved their new bikes! The kids wanted to see the beach so although it was overcast we stopped by for a few minutes.  

After that we went to San Diego to see the ships and ride our new bikes.

We hit Seaport Village and rode up to the USS Midway

 We loved the name of this yacht!! "SnowBored" from Park City, Utah
We can relate!!

 Seven years we discovered the Tin Fish when we stayed at the Omni and vowed it had the best fish tacos in the world and we have yet to find out differently! We'll never go to San Diego without eating here! Although, I hope to try the Ceviche on my next visit!

Several friends and I went to the Mormon Battalion Center in Sept and it was really neat, so we headed over there to end the night!

If you bring a monkey, you can expect a monkey's picture! :)

Whether you're a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or not if you get the chance to stop by it was a neat experience to see what the Mormon Battalion Army was all about and how they contributed to settling the San Diego Valley.

On our way home we drove by the Temple and saw the pretty light display as well!

Photo by Chris Stone

Sunday we slept in and visited to a local church house and walked to the beach and spent the afternoon playing in the sand and riding our bikes!

 This was as far as Rhett, Ty and I got on the sand castle before the girls stole the buckets!

We had a Feliz Navidad Fiesta that night with some foods we had stocked up on!

Stay tuned for beach day, Hollywood and some fun finds on our way home!!

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