Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fairfield and some other fun things!

We took a day trip up to Big Smokey a few weeks ago just north of Fairfield.

 The red Salmon are working hard to get up stream!


 Ty was trying to get the girls to look at the camera, so he showed them his belly button! And what did they do?

 About to get in the hot springs! Josie's camouflaged in the rocks already!

This girl needed a hair cut badly!

 She was getting so sleepy, she just sat there the whole time and hardly moved!


 Josie helping me make potstickers! YUM!

Josie's 2nd year of pre-school, day one!

 Josie waterskiing and loving it!! of course Kate wanted to do it too!

It rained so much in August we hardly got to go skiing at all this summer, but at least there were a few really good days!

 Face painting at the YEAH! Fun Run

A few pictures from the Ag building at the Fair and Rodeo this year! This one cracks me up!

Josie was so mad at me for not leaving her hair plain, but I felt pretty good about my first attempt!

Some friends had Josie and Kate over for a play date and Ty and I got to go 4 wheeling! It was so pretty up there and lots of fun trails to zip around on! 

This is where we stopped to eat lunch!

Thanks Ty! I love you!

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