Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a pretty laid back Easter this year, since we'd just gotten back from our big trip to So. Utah and the day after that I was in Boise for 2 days for work! But as you can see we all still had fun!

 Josie was only picking up the pink ones, until I pointed out the 2 blue ones and the yellow one that were literally right under her feet. I wonder if she only sees in pink somedays! :)

 Looking for a golden egg to win a prize!

 Mom loved the candies they gave to the 0-3 age group. There are all gummy bears and fruit snacks. My favorite! :)

 A terrifying moment for Kate!

We have our own chicken eggs and I thought it silly to buy white ones, especially when dying Easter Eggs is seriously not one of my favorite things to do...I'm not sure why but I've never liked to dye eggs.
Josie got some tinkerbell temp tattoos from the prize table at the Easter Egg hunt and I saw that you could decorate eggs like that.
It was GREAT! Josie did a lot all by herself and we really had fun. We also made a few glue dot glitter eggs, but they were more work.

 My Easter Basket




 Dried Pineapple and Mangoes for Ty...his favorite.

Why isn't the purple one spinning?

 Kate is going to investigate!
 The girls Easter dresses from Grandma!

Happy Easter! I Know Our Savior Lives!

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