Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Four Wheelin'

This spring break Ty's parents invited us to join them on a four wheeler trip to Southern Utah. And since we're incapable :) of saying NO to a good time and had saved up our pennies, we decided to join them in style! 

 Ty picked them out while I was slaving away at work. He got a good deal, but I should have known he would choose red! (jk the candy lime green one got sold before he got there)

We call them The Twins...and since Ty's truck is red, they're our little babies!
I found a great heavy duty trailer on Saturday while Ty was sleeping to haul them around with!

We left at 4 am Wednesday morning, so we could make the most of the time off we had! What can I say we are die-hards! Haha. But it really made the 10 hour drive go by fast! 

Shortly after we pulled into camp near Apple Valley at 2 pm we headed off to Gooseberry Mesa. It was a lot of fun.

This was one that was taken the day before when Ty's parent's checked out the trail. Karen is a little afraid of heights! :)

We fashioned an old backpacking hipbelt around Kate's waist and mine so I would have my hands more free and she wouldn't slip around. She had a blast! The whole ride back Kate and I made funny sound effects for the bumps and dips in the trail and she loved it! 

via visitsouthernutah.com

The next day we found a trail up Black Rock Mountain on the Arizona Strip.
 Do you think we like red? 

Josie is dancing on the top of those rocks! Hehe

 Josie was having a blast!

 This part of trail was a lot of fun! Every few miles we would run into different terrain and foliage! It was a really fun ride. We spent the better part of the day on the trail and went 65 miles! A little longer than we had planned, but still a good time.

At certain places in the trail it was "fun" to guess which road to take as very little was marked near the top, but with help of our trusty map and our great navigational skills we found the right trails and had a great time!

We're not in Idaho anymore Toto!

 Kate's odd sleeping positions...head first. She had a bad cough during the trip and with all the riding didn't waste any time getting to sleep for naps and such.

 Grandma Karen and Josie "crafting"

Friday, we headed over to Elephant Cove just outside of the pink coral sand dunes and had a blast on the soft trails!

Ty loves his new toy!


 No she's not sleeping, she just filling her helmet full of sand! Silly Goose!

 Ty's brother, Ian and his girlfriend Annalia and their friend Ben came down for a little bit.
For those of you who don't know, Ian is the master S'more maker!

 Kate's first S'more...I think she likes it!

 Smile Ben!

Ty's parents put all a bunch of  Cairns around the campsite, so all the family would know where to go. I accidently knocked one over when I was driving the truck back one night, so Josie ran up the road and "fixed it". It just happens to be right in the middle of the road! Ha.

 Ian needed to take some night photo shots for a class, so around 10 pm, we all headed out for a little "edumacation". Actually I learned a lot and that my camera can really do some fun things and I really need to sign up for a class at CSI!

This looks like mid day, but that's the moon and stars. The blur in the clouds shows how fast they were moving.

 This one was really neat. Ben had a green laser pen and if he shown it through the limbs it would light up the whole treeand filter to the camera!

 More laser fun and white balance tricks!

The Big Dipper!

The last day Josie and I did a little bouldering around camp. She's quite the little "rock" star. :)

After Ty's parent's headed home, we drove into Hurricane and spend a little bit of time cooling off at the Spray Park. Josie loved it. It was Kate's nap time, so she was a little crabby.

Then we caught up with some friends that live there in Hurricane and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. All the boys took the wheelers out again and Leslie and I caught up while making dinner. TYPICAL!! :)

We spend the night with them and all the kids had a blast playing together while we played games.

Sunday we drove back to Orem and made some caramel corn and hung out with Ty's sisters.
On our way home on Monday, Ty's Dad took us to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulips.

To be honest I have probably driven past it hundreds of times, but I'd never been there before. It was huge! And all we saw were the gardens!

 Smile for the camera Kate!

 These remind me of my late Grandma JoAnn. She always had these in front of her house when we were growing up.

 This is a real goose egg. It's hard to tell but the mother goose is sitting just to the left on the bank of the river.

 Fish Ponds

 Really neat flowers that look like pineapples!


 Can you spot the bunny that's hiding out for Easter?

 Really beautiful waterfalls!

 Trying out some more camera tricks I learned!

We had a fabulous trip! I can't wait to take the four wheelers out a TON this summer! :)

Happy Toys everyone! 

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