Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation for Mi Hermano Pequeño

Just thought it would be fun to toss a little spanish in there! Ha!

Since we haven't been busy enough in the last 8 weeks, with vacations galore, work trips, and my 97 year old great grandma's funeral, (ugh! I need a break!) I took the girls down to Logan, Utah this weekend to congratulate my brother on his BS degree from USU. Go Aggies!

Luckily we rented a place the night before and I got to catch up with an old roommate of mine and her family. We went to Cafe Sabor (YUM!) and got to chat for a bit! Thanks JaNae and Michael!

After that Kate was ready for a nap, so we checked in and Josie watched a Care Bear movie while Kate and I snoozed. Afterwards Colin joined us to get a bite to eat and some tasty Aggie Blue Mint Ice Cream and his favorite Lemon Custard. Then we hang out and watched 3 episodes of White Collar, which I might add is a really good show! My sister's family got in late and we headed off to bed.

The commencement was the next morning and boy was it a busy day. Somewhat exhausting for me and the girls, but it was fun to be able to be there for Colin. Unlike the day I graduate (when it snowed in May!) today was a perfect day! 

  The Scotsman and the Alumni Song were fun to hear again!

Smile you're on camera! A cookies and lemonade anyone?

 Statisticians and Mathematicians!

Sleepy Kate...

...pulling faces!

 USU Alumni! :) Congrats!

 Josie made herself right at home in this friendly family's picture! They were actually encouraging her to stay! Haha! Can you spot her among the rest of the little blondies?

We love you Colin! You've worked hard for this! Good Job!

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  1. My sis-in-law graduated too and I was thinking the same thing as you- 7 years ago it was snowing on my graduation:) Its funny the things we don't forget. Glad you are doing well and your girls are adorable.