Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Sister Josie

Josie loves dolls and babies and anything to do with pretending to me a mommy, so the fact that we brought her home her very own "real live" baby was awesome! She wanted to help with everything and curious about how you take care of babies. These are a few pics of Josie once we came home from the hospital. 

 Josie and her cousin Ava enjoying Oreos! 

 Nap time for everyone!


 "Baby Kate has a yucky button! hehe"

Josie helping Daddy feed Kate

A fun visit with Santa Claus!

Josie helped to brush Kate's hair for church!

Our first snow of the year!

Josie was babysitting these too little ones! So cute!

Josie likes to get Kate all "fancied" up!

We love you Josie girl!

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