Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our New Addition

So for those of you who want to hear about how our new little one made her grand entrance here it is. Otherwise you can skip the text and just look at the pictures! I'll post more pics soon!

Last year, I had a coworker who went into labor within 24 hours of our dept baby shower even though her due date was over a week away. Not to be outdone I decided to also go into labor within the day. 

I hadn't felt great on Monday so I checked with the OB office that afternoon. I had been carrying her quite low for some time and was nearly ready. I was at a 4 and 80%. That evening was beautiful so we took a walk down the block. Later I was starting to feel the contractions closer together, but didn't want to seem anxious so I went to bed and figured I'd wait and see as Ty was working and Josie was all tucked in. In fact I slept so well that night I didn't even wake up once!

About 5:30am Tuesday, December 4th, I started to feel contractions about every 8-10 mins. So after about an hour I got Josie up and met Ty at the hospital. I got checked in and after they confirmed I would be sticking around with more-frequently-than-anticipated contractions (I could only feel about half of them and they were very faint) Ty dropped Josie off at daycare and came back. We walked the halls for about an hour stopping to chat with a few friends/coworkers who were working that day.

At about 11am the doctor came to see how I was doing and broke my water. With my first delivery I started to feel the contractions very strongly only after my water broke, so I knew what to expect this time. I had asked for an epidural right away, but unfortunately I didn't have an IV yet or any labs drawn so the process took awhile. When I finally got my epidural it wasn't as nice as the last one I had. Only the left half of my lower body was pain free. On the right side I could still feel everything. I was crying and in sooo much pain!

They called the CRNA back to see if he could adjust things. I was progressing incredibly fast so I didn't have time for any other medicine, since they thought I would deliver within ~30 mins. So he backed the spinal catheter out just enough...I was much more comfortable! Thank goodness! After 20 mins of pushing she made her big debut at 1:47pm! I had no idea it would all happen so quickly this time. The first time around we had been there for what felt like a really long time! 

She was beautiful! I asked to hold her right away...although it difficult to see through a few tears! I had forgotten how amazing it all is! We named her Kate Elise Sleight. She weighed 7 lb 2 oz and 20". 


As we got ready to move to our postpartum suite, I headed into the bathroom. Apparently I was dehydrated and anemic and with my usual very low blood pressure, I mentioned to the nurse that I felt dizzy and started to blackout. I don't remember anything after that except a vague dream-like feeling. I woke to 3 nurses (all very small framed, mind you) holding me and waving smelly salts under my nose. I told them I could hold the smelly salts and once again don't remember anything after that either! Finally I awoke again and Ty helped get me back to bed. I remember him squeezing me so tight as he lifted me out of the wheel chair! Later I understood why. Ty said I blacked out 3 different times. My eyes rolled back into my head and I was totally white! He mentioned a patient of his that looked the same way right before he died...so I think he was a bit nervous. I know...not a very reassuring comment, but you have to know Ty! :)

So they ran my IV full open (which was freezing) and I stayed there for another couple of hours until I felt a lot better. Whew! Not something I want to experience again!

My mom came with my niece, Ava (my brother's wife had their baby the day before!) and picked up Josie from the daycare. When they came to see Kate it was quite entertaining! They were a little wild and were really a little too preoccupied with themselves to care much about Kate...but I didn't mind. My mom took them to our house to get settled for the evening. Ty got me a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut...for some reason I had been craving that all day!! YUM!!

After Kate's bath they brought her back in this super cute stocking! She was adorable! 

That evening was nice and quiet with a few visitors and warm chocolate chip cookies. MORE YUM!!  Since Ty had been up since about 2 or 3 pm the day before he totally crashed on the extra bed at about 8.


 The next day was nice with a few more friends and coworkers stopping by. 

Late that afternoon just when we started to get a bit bored, we got to go home!


  1. I love the picture of Ava and Josie running down the hall. It makes me laugh. Your Mom said they were heathens at the hospital. I wish they would have brought Brinley to us in a stocking. They'd have to make a lot though with how many babies are born here in Rexburg. I'm glad my epidural worked well. I'm sorry your epidural didn't. I'm glad it was fast though.

  2. Oh boy, sounds like quite the adventure.....I'm glad Ty held on tight while you continued to black out. She is absolutely beautiful. The girls running around the hospital would have been very entertaining :)

  3. She is so sweet... and I am TOTALLY jealous of your small babies!!! :)

  4. A few scary moments in there, but all in all an amazing experience! I love the pictures of you guys! Thanks for sharing with us! We love you and can't wait to meet the newest little one! :)

  5. Loved reading your story! The fainting thing sounds scary! Your little one is darling, congrats!