Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas time this year was fun! I found super cute Christmas dressed for the girls at huge savings!!

We had planned to stay home this year with Kate being so young. Our friends invited us to their annual "Lobster Fest" for Christmas Eve dinner. Josie loved to see the live lobsters! 

I made onion and herb rolls that turned out yummy and made a crab Thai salad as well. We had so much food I couldn't believe it. It was all delicious! Thank you Paul and Paula.

That night we read Sesame Street's Grover's 'Twas the Night before Christmas and Christmas Lullabies. We told Josie the simplified version of the story of Baby Jesus and tucked her in for the night.  

The next morning, Ty brought Josie down the stairs. 

She was so excited to see her new kitchen.  

Santa Claus knew just what we wanted. :) He left all our gifts in the fireplace. 

We were very blessed, if not spoiled! :)

We had our traditional Homemade Monkey Bread for breakfast. YUM!

That evening we headed to another friend's house for dinner and to catch up. 

Just as we were leaving Josie fell off the back of their couch and hit her head on the slate floor. Since I was a little worried, Ty agreed to check with one of his fellow ER docs to make sure she was OK.  It was nice to find out there was only a very slim chance that she needed a CT scan so we felt better after that and had her sleep in our bedroom to keep an eye on her all night. 

My sister and her son Caden stopped by Friday afternoon and Josie and Kate and I hung out with them at the indoor play land for a while. It was fun to see them. Shortly after we got home Ty's parents came as well. 

They brought a beautiful cabinet that McKay made for our Christmas present.

Here's the  inlay on the front of the door!

 We spent the rest of the day and the next day hanging out. The next day we went bowling. Ty's Mom and I tied just shy of 100 points and ridiculously enough Josie beat us! (However she had a little extra help from the "ball dragon" and the rest of us taking turns bowling her game when we got bored after the 6th frame).

 She did enjoy the arcades though! McKay beat us all with a score of 123!

Since our 7th anniversary was the next day we all decided to go to our favorite restaurant that night. 
I really can't believe it's been 7 years already! 

Ty I love you so much...I hope you will always be my best friend.

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