Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy __________ Day!

I was born on Thanksgiving and every now and again my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. That's what happened this year. For breakfast we had Thai pancakes (kind of like crepes) with coconut syrup...YUM!!!...and just a couple of presents from Ty and Josie.


 Unfortunately the food processor didn't work so well and had to be returned after it spilled half the smoothie on the floor! :(

And since I was 37 weeks pregnant...even though I LOVE to cook...we decided to stay home and have a very non-traditional Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner at Elevation 486. We had never been there, but heard it was really good.

Then instead of spending the whole day cooking a meal Josie and I played and relaxed! It was great! The food, and the view  was amazing! Ty ordered the steamed clams and the lamb shank and I had the baked brie and stuffed trout. Of course Josie shared some of everything. For dessert we had delicious pumpkin pie. Then we went for a long walk along the canyon rim. It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of birthday wishes from friends and family.

Ty also made these new shelves for our bathroom cabinet! They pull out and have so much  more room than before. He made another one to put above it, but I didn't get a pic of that. But they both work great. 

The next day Ty's parents came to visit and brought their newly purchased RZR side by side and toy hauler for it's "maiden voyage". It was kind of funny, because my parents just bought the exact same machine and they pulled in (with it in tow) late that evening. :)

Josie loved sleeping in the camper with Grandma and Grandpa Sleight. 

Here's the crew!
 Ty's mom made a super super cute blanket for baby Kate with owls to match the girl's room! 

 Josie trying on the cake dome.

 Looking super posh in Grandma Anderson's scarf!!

Saturday we all took the RZRs out and had a fun day of four wheeling! It was such a nice day and we had so much fun!!!

 Just a little picture fun!

Thanks everyone for coming and for the fun Birthday/Thanksgiving!

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