Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saddle up! Josie's 2!!!!

Last month, Josie turned 2!!! Since my mom made this adorable cowgirl outfit for Josie to wear to the Tough Enough to Wear Pink Rodeo this year, and since becoming "country folk" we decided to have a cowgirl birthday party.

I like to make a huge deal out of birthdays, so I had her telling everyone how old she would be. She would hold up 1 finger on each hand. I'd also ask her if she was excited for her birthday and she would put both hands in a fist and say "Escited!!" 

Here's the invite I designed to match the material on her skirt.
The night before the party I stayed up late making this fun cake! It turned out awesome!
Too bad it didn't last long. ; )
My parents came Friday to help with some work on the house and Ty's parents weren't going to come because of a surgery, but it was delayed so they came after all! It was fun to have everyone there!

Getting all decked out in the "powder room"! :)

Yee Haw!!*
*Notice the nice shiner on her forehead from playing Evil Knievel earlier that week!

Funny Grandpa A and his hats!!

Lots of Bubbles!!

 Josie's friend Hadley came and they had lots of fun together!

We had grilled cheese sandwiches, grapes, and strawberry milkshakes to drink!
 And of course cake and ice cream!!

 "Happy Birthday to you..."
 She loved the singing!!


She loved to open the presents too, of course!!

Playing in her new "homemade" sand and water table. I thought this up and Ty helped me make it happen!
I thought it turned out AWESOME!!

For those of you who didn't see one of the last here to see the last present she opened!
She is so "escited" (fist pump)!! 

More to come on how she's changed and a little about her now that she's 2.


  1. Great looking cake! Glad we got a picture! and Congrats on us being grandparents again! More Christmas excitement!

  2. I'm glad you got a picture of the cake too! It looks awesome and I love Josie's cowgirl outfit. I also like the sand and water table. Those things are so expensive. I like your homemade one.

  3. Cute cake Melissa! Sad we missed it, but looks like you guys had fun.