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So my sister told me about this race 2 years ago and it looked like so much fun...Google Ragnar Relay! But it was sold out for the Utah race. Well subsequently I added it to my "Bucket List". So when I saw my friend's post last year asking for teammates, I immediately let her know that we would be on their team for 2012! YEAH! I know this might sound ridiculous, but I'm not a runner for the JOY of running. I do it for the FUN of what goes along with it. I have only been in a few races in my life and they were all a blast. The Murtaugh Mud Run, the Rush Triathlon, and now this! I will never run a marathon. That's not nearly enough fun. :)

Anyways we had a blast...Ty wasn't so sure about the timing of the race as we had been running ragged for the last 3 months and I was also just finishing up my first trimester of pregnancy! :) But we did get our training in and felt good about it.  Of course I signed up for one of the easiest spots. 7.6 miles, 2.8 miles and 3.3 miles. The longest I've ever run was 3.2 miles, give or take a bit (so you can see I had my work cut out for me). My entire goal was to jog the whole walking. I also wanted to do it without my head phones...just me and the world around me. :)

In training I had been running with Ty outside and got used to not having my music. I definitely turned a page with this one. Reflect back to 2009 when Ty and I did the Rush Triathlon in Rexburg. The rules said you couldn't have earphones, so since I knew I couldn't do the race without some kind of music I played the music out loud from my MP3 player. Ty thought it was crazy, but it helped a lot!!

So I did both those things on this race! It was awesome!

We met the night before and decorated the van's and got to sleep for an early morning! At USU the next morning we sent off Russ, our first runner!

I was next. My first leg was the most beautiful! It was up Hollow Creek Road in Nibley, Utah and I kept thinking the whole time...when we're old we're buying a summer home up here!! I finished in 1 hour and 33 minutes! Woot!!

Ty's first leg was beautiful, but also killer! It was called What the Hill??? He ran straight up Avon Pass and did awesome!

All the runners on our team did great!!! In our van was Russ, Me, Carrie and Mike, Ty and Cory with Kim being our awesome driver!!

Van 2 had Jordan, Tory, Amanda, Brett, Tyson and Richard!  

We got to take a break after our van was finished and gave the reigns to Van 2. We started again about 6 pm and ended about midnight. We drove up ahead to Park City and slept for 4 hours. It was the most sound sleep I've ever gotten! Wow! Our last legs started about 7am and since my stomach was on the fritz I didn't feel good during my last leg, but still putted along! It was a total blast, but emotionally strenuous, and physically exhausting, not to mention the havoc it wreaked on our digestive system!! :)

We finished the race in 35 hours, 20 mins, 10.9 seconds! Wow! Here's to next year???

Decorating the Vans!

"What in the world are these for?"

 Pre-Race Pics!!

Smile You're on Camera!

Our signature yell was the Vuvuzela. Mike took the cake with the best shout out! You could ALWAYS hear it coming while you were was awesome!

Russ waiting to get started! YEAuh!

Los Banditos!! Arriba!!

Waiting with Cory at the first exchange!!

Russ killed it! 

A little leg anyone???

Ty working it!

Still smiling!  You rock!

Cory's picturesque run!

Sweet sweet slide! Ty gave it a try!

Work it Carrie work it!! You look amazing in your vest and head lamp! :) 

 Obviously he doesn't like his pic taken...grumpy pants!!

My Second Exchange! 

Carrie and Mike's traditional trade off.

Finishing up leg #3. All done for me! 
 So happy!

Angela, Cory, and Russ

Kickin'  it in the back!
NEVER seen so many port-a-potties in one place in my life! Desperately needed though! :)

 Tory's usual get up!

 Sweet Mustache!

 Really annoyed with the mustache!! hehe!!

More vuvuzela! LOS BANDITOS!!

 Ow ow!!

Amanda and Brett,  the reason we got into this mess awesome race!!

Sarah and Tory!

Finally all done! Whew!

Way to finish it up Richard!!

  Van 1

Van 2

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