Tuesday, May 29, 2012

City of Rocks and Clear Creek Campground

For Memorial Day weekend we planned a trip to the Clear Creek area just south of the Idaho/Utah border and wanted to hike Black Pine Peak.  So we headed out on Friday and took the back roads through Oakley and got some yummy food at the steak house in Almo. After that we spent some time climbing in the City of Rocks, until Josie got fed up with the cacti poking her! 

 She loves to climb things! Especially things that are way too big for her like this rock!

 Then we went on a scenic drive up to the top of the nearby summit! 

Josie and the dogs loved the snow!!

After we enjoyed the drive, we headed to Durfee Hot Springs for the evening! It was the perfect temperature too! It was great!! Josie love, love, loved it!

 That night we headed to find a place to camp. We found a great little spot up from Clear Creek Campground. After getting the camper set up and I made a sweet dinner for Ty and I since Josie was already fast asleep. It was pretty good!  Quinoa Chowder with Roasted Tomato and Bread Salad
We had lots of other delicious food while we were there too!

That night and the next day it rained/snowed all day!! Very grateful to have the camper! In the morning we drove around in the black pine range. It was fun, but we would have preferred to be hiking it rather than just driving! Oh well! The weather did break for about an hour...so we all went out and went for a walk. It was beautiful!

 Josie had fun jumping the puddles! 

Snow covering the truck and the mountain side! :) 

Although it was really pretty, all 6 of us, Ty, me, Josie, Scratch, Sniff and Summer were a little sick of being couped up in a small space, so since it was still snowing Sunday morning we decided to pack up and head home. 

Somehow we lost Josie's potty seat after we left the hot springs Friday night, so we spent the weekend trying to convince her to use the Honey Bucket...without success. Guess what we found on our way home Sunday morning? Just chilling on the side of the road! Sweet!!!

 On Memorial Day Josie helped Daddy mow the lawn and then we decided to head to Malad Gorge. We thought it was a few mile day hike, but I guess we went to the state park side instead, where we did a little walking, but not like we thought. There must be another way to get to the hike. We'll have to give it another try later.
The park was cool though and Josie thought it was fun for a while...

*I guess I need to make a bigger effort to be in some of the pictures so it doesn't look like Ty is a widower! :)

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  1. Ha ha I love that you found the potty seat on the way back! :)