Friday, April 13, 2012

Boise Trip and Discovery Center

I had to go to Boise for work so we drove up that morning and Ty and Josie spent the day there until I was done with my meeting. Then we went to Julia Davis park and chased the ducks and geese around and played on the toys until my sister and her boyfriend met us there.

Then we spent some time in the Discovery Center. I've only been there once, and it was probably 17 years ago, but I still remembered how fun it was. A few areas were Josie's favorite. The first one was the Pet Hospital. She had fun putting the collar on the dogs. 

Then she loved to comb their hair too. 

Even the turtle, which doesn't really have hair.

The bubble "trough" was the next spot she loved I think she could have stayed there all night and make one gigantic mess in the process. 

Next she wanted to play with the Bernoulli's effect "floating ball" machine. It didn't work so well when we tried her instead of the ball...but she thought it was funny!

It was like Josie fell in love when she saw the grocery store. She immediately knew what to do. Go get the empty cart...not the full one and head straight for the produce section.

 Then the bakery, with lots of bread, and don't forget the donuts!  
Then onto get the cheerios, rice and oatmeal and of course, who leaves the grocery store without fresh flowers and cat food?  

  We took them to the check out and scanned all the items. She loved when it lit up and beeped with each item.   

Then we got to ride the chair with air brake. Again she could have spend the whole night there!!

After we had enough of the Discovery Center my sister took us to the Ram Restaurant. I had a super delicious steak salad with blue cheese and Ty and Josie had Super Nachos appetizer. YUM!  

After we had visited for a while, we headed home. We didn't make it home until about 11pm, after a quick nap in Bliss and taking the scenic route on Highway 30 home. It was a long day, especially for Ty and Josie, but lots of fun!

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