Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had a great time for Easter this year. Of course it was also the first year Josie could really enjoy it. Granted last year she got a fun basket from the Easter bunny, but it was a lot more fun now that she gets excited about things! (Just like her Mama!)

Friday after work we headed to a local golf course for a kids Easter Egg Hunt. Ty would be sleeping on Saturday since he had to work the night shift, so we decided this would be better. We got there just as it was about to start!! She had lots of fun and wanted to stop to open them all and "see, see"!

 This one had a little stuffed bunny inside!! FUN!!

 She only got a few eggs, but she didn't care...she had a lot of fun!

She got a prize for her age group as well! She didn't like to wear them though!

 Saturday morning I heard from a friend that the Easter bunny was going to be at the Filer City Park so we decided to go do some Egg hunting there. There were a lot of eggs there!!

Checking our her "canny"

She was SOOOOOOO excited to see the bunny. She nearly dropped her basket and ran over to him! It was so cute! She's sticking her tongue out like the bunny was! :)

 After the little kids were done we went to play on the swings while the big kids raced around us picking up eggs! She thought this was soooo cool!

 Chillin' with Summer after we played all day!

The next morning the Easter Bunny and the Donut Fairy had come!! YEA!!!
 We thought we would start a new tradition for Easter Breakfast. Lazy Mommy Hostess Powdered Donuts and Homemade Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows!! :)
Mommy and Daddy each got a new CD and a bunch of "Easter Coupons" to redeem for fun things!
 The Easter Bunny brought Josie a 3 pack CD set of kids songs, hair clips...

and PLAY-DOH filled Easter eggs!!


She decided to start posing! Hehe!! 

Grandma A made her this really cute Easter Dress.

 I love this picture! It's so Josie!!  :)

 After church we decided to color Easter Eggs while dinner was cooking. 

As you can see she got a little carried away with the finger paints! 

And the table! 

Our Meticulous Egg Artist!

The whole bunch! 18 total! Whew!

For a fun and rare Easter treat we had Korean style spareribs, sticky rice, and grilled onions and peppers with sticky rice and mangoes for dessert out on the Patio!

I'm so grateful for our Living Savior and the opportunity He gave us here to be on this Earth and to have Eternal Families! Happy Easter!!

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