Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zoo and Dad's Award!

My Dad was chosen to receive the Silver Beaver Award for his excellent contributions to the Boy Scouting Program on April 21, 2012.  So even though Ty had to work, Josie and I drove to Shelley Friday night. My whole family was there, which was cool! It was a really neat ceremony! I had no idea how many people got the award.  It's the highest achievement you can get in the scouting program. My great-grandma's late husband had received it over 30 years ago, so I knew about it, but it was really cool to watch my own Dad get it. I'm really proud of him and his love for the BSA. 

  Saturday  morning before the program, we decided to go to the Tautphaus Park Zoo in IF. Josie had sooo much fun! She had never been to a zoo before, since we don't have one close to us. She loved it!!

 Josie sharing her hat with Ava.

A fun wagon ride!

Feeding all the ducks and swans! 

 Looking at the penguins!

Josie and Ava going for a chicken ride. 
 Josie thinking Oh boy! What a fun looking animal this is!!! 
 She loved the donkey.

 Sweet hair dos!!

She also got to feed the goats and loved it!!

She liked the "monkey's tails" 

 Caden surfing atop the lion statue!

All tuckered out on the long drive back home!!

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