Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last Weekend Getaway

The weather has finally gotten nice and Ty and I decided that we wanted to go camping this weekend. Except for one small problem! Unless I'm sleeping on a waterbed (or a Lovesac), I don't sleep. So we compromised and decided to make one last getaway with the dogs before the baby comes. We packed tinfoil dinner and cobbler, grabbed the dogs and drove up the canyon.

It was so beautiful!!! The dogs were loving the spot we picked. There were trails and loops and river all nearby! Ty had a heck of a time getting the fire started, I guess it was a little wetter than he thought!

But after about half a box of matches, 6 wooden planks sliced into slivers with a Leatherman and 1/3 of the phone book it would finally stay lit. We went on a little hike while our dinner was cooking.

The result was possibly the best camping food I've ever had! Seasoned ground pork with carrots, red peppers, onions and potatoes cooked to perfection thanks to Ty!

And for dessert, caramel apple cinnamon cobbler with vanilla ice cream! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!

We stayed up there and talked and looked at all the stars and stared at the fire until we both were about to fall asleep! It was so relaxing. Oh how I love summer! I wished we could have stayed up there all night. But we drove home, and slept nicely in our warm, VERY comfortable beds. On to our next adventure...parenting!


  1. Fun! You are smart to squeeze in as many outings/getaways as you can! Pretty soon you won't be able to sleep even on a waterbed or love sac!

  2. That is pretty exciting your baby is due soon. These next couple of weeks are going to be the best. Have fun! Being a new mom is great!

  3. Definitely spoiled, you don't get ice cream when you are really camping! I can't wait to hear the forthcoming good news!

  4. The look on Ty's face (3rd picture) is priceless; the frustration is obviously mounting... It's probably a good thing I can't read eyes!!