Friday, May 7, 2010

Melissa's Pregnancy Journal 5.7.10

Friday, May 07, 2010

Here are some updates since I last wrote. On March 27, Nicki Pehrson and Suzanne Alder threw me a baby shower. Ty’s parents and my mom, and two sister-in-laws came as well as a lot of other friends. There were a lot of people there and even more gifts! We got a lot of really nice things. We did take a lot back so we could buy a stroller and car seat and a few other essentials, but we did keep a few of the really cute outfits and things! I think its funny Ty just keeps saying that he hopes it’s still a girl. J Wendy and our department are throwing a baby shower next Tuesday, May 11 for me as well. I’m really excited. We are making hair bows and headbands, as I’m assuming she will have very little hair!

We also finished the nursery and took pictures to post on our blog. I think it looks really great. My mom gave us the rocking chair that my dad gave to her when they were first married. I think it looks really nice in there! Thank you Mom and Dad! Ty did an awesome job on all of it, and I helped a little with the design and inspiration. 

Ty and I were able to spend a weekend in Sun Valley, just the two of us. It was a nice chance to spend some time together before the baby comes. We went to dinner a couple of times, took a nice short hike and a longer bike ride the next day. We spent a long time at the YMCA water park as well and had a wonderful time. The weather up there was beautiful!  

On Tuesday, Ty and I went to a class called the “Happiest Baby on the Block.” It was really good and talked about the 5 S and how to soothe your baby. We got a DVD and CD with soothing sounds as well. We learned how to swaddle our baby with a blanket and got to practice as well. Ty thought it was a much better class than the first session of classes we went to about breathing during labor. 

Now for the reason why I’m writing this. It’s 5:51 am and I can’t sleep. I’ve been awake for about an hour and tossing and turning before that. I went to the doctor two weeks ago and while measuring my uterus he felt that I should get an ultrasound done, as I was measuring smaller than I should be at 35 weeks. He mentioned that it could be under my ribs and just too difficult to measure.

I went in yesterday with Ty for the ultrasound. I really can’t breathe well lately and was expecting them to say, that in fact my uterus was under my ribs and she was still growing healthy and strong. I guess I was really unprepared for what they had to say. The ultrasound tech was very nice and took a LOT of images. They confirmed that she definitely was a girl. Her face was hard to see as she was tucked very far down. There is a profile picture of her face and she certainly has large cheeks! Who would have thought, with our genetics?! We could see her hands, her feet, her heart beating and the four chambers, her stomach, and her femur bone. Before coming in I asked Ty how big he thought she was, having no idea how big she should be. He guessed 5# 4oz. The tech said she was actually 5# 5 oz!

After she was finished the doctor came in and said that looking at her measurements she’s looking to be about 32 weeks gestation rather than 37 and just under the 10%ile for weight. He didn’t mention how long she is. He also mentioned that technically this can be considered IUGR when their weight is under the 10%ile. He said they can be small and healthy and small and sick and they took a few more measurements to try and decide. They look at the amount of amniotic fluid and blood supply from/to the placenta, and he said that she was looking to be a small healthy baby, rather than a sick baby. 

They did what was called a NST or non-stress test to see how much she is moving. The way it works is they put a fetal heart rate monitor on me and I pushed a button each time I felt her move for about 15 minutes.  When they first started she had the hiccups and was moving every few seconds, but closer to the end she must have gotten tired and took a nap, as she wasn’t moving but every 5 minutes or so. They put this little buzzer on my belly to “wake her up” and she moved a few more times, but not as much as before. 

After that the doctor came in and said that he would like me to come in twice weekly from now on to get monitored. He also mentioned that if they feel a safe induction is possible that they may consider that before my due date.  I scheduled two appointments for next week, one for Monday and the other for Thursday.  

After we got home, I was feeling a little bummed but Ty and I went to Home Depot and that distracted me. I think I was worn out from today. After getting into bed though, I started to feel more and more anxious about our baby girl and Ty gave me a big strong hug, which really helped. I asked him if he could give me a blessing. He didn’t say much just that this was blessing of peace and comfort and that it was in the Lord’s hand and that medical personnel were managing it. Ty kept saying that it was a weird blessing. I wasn’t so sure that it was very comforting, but tried to keep a prayer in my heart and know that she will be okay. It took a while for me to fall asleep and I’m sure it wasn’t very deep sleep either. 

I know the Lord does know what he is doing and that I’m grateful that so far, our little baby girl is healthy, just small. It’s also hard to know what is going to happen and I think I’m afraid of that.  Hopefully she will deliver fine and be a healthy strong baby girl. Ty has just started fasting for the full 24 hours or so the last two months and each time it has been partially for our baby that she will grow strong and healthy. I know that it has been hard for him, as he doesn’t really do well without eating, but I also know that we will be blessed for his efforts as well. 

I’m trying to remain positive and I know reading my scriptures will help. We haven’t been very diligent in that lately and I’d like to be a lot better. I know the scriptures can be a source of comfort and reassurance.  I know I need to read my patriarchal blessing too! I absolutely know the Lord loves Ty and I and our little baby girl. Please help me to be strong!


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