Monday, May 17, 2010

Melissa's Pregnancy Journal 5.17.10

May 17th, 2010 @ 0755

Good morning! Here I am at the hospital. I just got my IV started with Pitocin and the guy came in to draw my blood as well. I've gained 35.6 pounds. Whoo Whoo! Ty watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air while I got everything taken care of. My RN is Heather and she's really nice, but guess what? She hates needles! I've never heard of a nurse that hates needles. Kind of funny.

I didn't get much sleep last night. I guess I was too excited! But now I'm a little bored, but still excited. These beds are totally uncomfortable! But the room is huge! They have a heart rate monitor on to listen to the baby's heart rate. I saw Michelle Critchfield this morning and she wished me luck. They said I can't eat, only ice chips and Popsicles, oh well. Tyroney he is reading his backpacker magazine in the lovely armchair.

Montay Dixon, a friend of mine, is going to watch the baby after she's born and I go back to work. She said to write down the things we think will change and the things we think will be the same in our lives. Here goes:

  1. Less time grocery shopping together.
  2. The dogs won't be the center of our lives.
  3. We likely won't make it to church on time.
  4. Harder to sleep in on Sundays.
  5. Still lots of camping and hiking and playing.
  6. Still lots of goofing off. 
  7. Have more formal date nights, less impromptu ones.
  8. Way more laundry than currently. :-)
  9. Lots of playtime with baby.
  10. Less sleep!
Well that's all we can think of so far. I think Dr. Packham is on today. I guess he gets to do the delivery. The nurse said they will likely have NICU at the delivery just in case as she is an IUGR baby. More than likely all will be fine, but sometimes they are harder to keep warm when they're little. I'm getting kind of tired. I'll check back later.


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