Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitchen Katastrophies

I had to work yesterday and Ty spent most of the day working on my Christmas present.

After work, I came to this! Yikes!!

You see the shelves there in front of the sink?? Those used to be in my pantry and I couldn't reach most of this stuff.

But it was well worth the mess. We went out to eat (instead of cooking, haha) and came home and filled up my beautiful new sliding drawers. They are awesome!! Thank you Ty!! I love you!!

Today I was making cherry cobbler and heating the cherries on the stove. In the meantime, I started to make the dough for the topping. As I went to add what I thought was cornstarch to thicken the cherries, it literally exploded and turned black immediately! Wow what a mess!!

I guess I should have paid more attention in O-Chem, and I could tell you exactly what happened when I added 1/4 c baking powder to boiling cherries. Hahaha!! Oops!!

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