Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Saturday Randomness

I was tagged doing this on Facebook and thought I would share with the rest of you all. Feel free to be tagged!

1. Wow, I never thought it would be this hard to come up with 25 random things about me. I've been sitting here for the last 2 minutes listening to the radio trying to come up with just 1! hahaha!!

2. Nearly every night we eat dinner in front of the TV enjoying "Scrubs"...Eagle!!!!

3. In the first 2 years of our marriage we lives in 5 different places! The shortest was 4 months and the longest 8 months.

4. I have a secret love for chocolate milk!!! I drink one every morning for breakfast with a piece of fruit!!

5. Before I went to college for my degree in Dietetics, I wanted be a Photographic Designer. It's still a huge interest, though!

6. I have a massive collection of cookbooks, 54 and counting! One is a 2" binder, which keeps expanding with new recipes that I try and love! I have a gigantic file on my computer with the other recipes that I haven't printed.

7. I am a Cricut addict! I have 5 cartridges and love them all!!! I don't think I've made one page recently that didn't use a Cricut cut out!!

8. I am the biggest fan of Taylor Swift! I had the first CD memorized within a week of the release, way before she was a major star!!

9. Ty and I want to hike the highest peaks in all 50 states by the time we die. Done: Mt Borah, Idaho! Left to go: 49 more! :)

10. I love seafood!! Of any kind! We eat seafood probably 3-5 times/week. YUM!! I have yet to find a CHEAP source of fresh mussels and lobster here in Idaho.

11. My favorite trip we've been on was Cumberland Island, GA. It is awesome!! Ty and I backpacked there two years ago for the Fourth of July weekend and it was so beautiful and even romantic. :)

12. For some reason a hate the idea of pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. It drives me crazy!! There no rule that says just because your a baby girl, you can't wear a cute green outfit or a gorgeous blue dress, black or brown or any other color for that matter! WHATEVER!!

13. I own enough swimsuits to be able to wear one everyday for 2 weeks without repeating the same combination!!

14. Speaking of swimsuits, another pet peeve of mine is pregnant women that wear bikinis. I think it is awful, awful, awful!!!! :(

15. Just more than half way done! Wheww!

16. Basil is my favorite herb. I know most people has a favorite food or dish, but mine is an herb! :)

17. I spend far too much time on the computer just goofing off! Thanks, Diana for encouraging the habit! :)

18. One day I may open my own restaurant with a selection of a daily menus and catering menu.

19. My signature dish is my wide selection of pies.

20. I absolutely hate cats. I don't know why, I was never traumatized as a child or anything, but I HATE cats!!

21. My favorite quote is "A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen...Mine is delirious!!"

22. I spent an entire summer working as a dining room/banquet server at the Snowlodge in Yellowstone National Park. I made BANK that summer and hiked over 150 miles.

23. I have a hidden love for lap swimming that developed when I took a college class in Southern Utah 3 years ago. However I still have yet to perfect the turn. Any help??

24. When we lived in Georgia, I didn't have a car, so we got me a new bike. I didn't have a job that summer, and one day just got so sick of being at home or at the pool, that I took off on a thirty mile bike ride to a nearby town, stopped and got McDonald's, filled up my Nalgene with Powerade and headed back home. It was like 95 degrees and when I was nearly home, I made it to the local library before I nearly passed out from being so light headed. I stopped there to cool off in the free air conditioning for like an hour before I headed back home.

25. Wow!! That was like pulling teeth!! I didn't think it would be so hard to come with 25 random things just out of the blue, but I'm not a quitter!


  1. I bought Taylor Swift's first one when it very first came out too! I'm a huge fan! and I totally agree about babies being able to wear whatever color. You've done some cool things!

  2. You are funny!!! I'm glad you're not a quiter because I loved this post about you! I'm thinking for my next big family get-together I'm going to commission you to make all the pies! I pay at least .50 to .55 cents a pie! That's good, right?
    I'm a Scrubs lover myself!

  3. Just so you know, I wore a bikini when I was pregnant and am totally offended by your comment....Yeah right! HA HA HA just kidding! I didn't even like loose fitting clothes when I was pregnant let alone a bikini. I agree with you on that one.

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