Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

These last three weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement at our house. After Ty's Birthday I went to Sun Valley to work a couple of days before Christmas. After that we headed down south, via Wendover, Nevada to Orem, Utah as the normal route was closed due to snowing and blowing.

We spent a few fun days with Ty's family. Christmas day we went to see Marley & Me, which was great! I think that's got to be my new favorite movie. Ty and I were laughing hysterically and even I had a few tears as well. I would definitely recommend it, especially for dog owners/lovers!!

McKay made one table for each of us this year for Christmas. They are really neat! The top folds up and turns to have a round table top!!

Coming up the stairs Christmas Morning!!

Karen and McKay bought antlers for the all the "reindogs". Hahaha!!

On the 26th, we headed up north to Shelley to spend some time with my family. Everyone was there and we really enjoyed seeing everybody.

The dogs get so excited when we get to Grandma's after being in the car for a couple of hours, so we drop them off a few blocks away and let them run home as we drive in the car, so they are a little more worn out when we get there.

Saturday morning we spent some time sledding up near our old house. It was a blast!

Ty and my Dad tried out a new form of "off-season" slalom skiing! They had to take one boot off and go in their sock, but they were pretty talented! I must say I was doubtful!!


That afternoon Ty and I got to catch up with some old friends from my high school. Sorry we could stay too long, but it was really fun! Thanks again! We had a great (late Christmas) Dinner that evening with part of our extended family. Colin's mission farewell was that following Sunday. He headed off to the MTC on New Years Eve. He was called to the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission.

Our third anniversary was on Tuesday and celebrated it with Homemade pizza and Italian Sodas and later went skiing with some friends on New Years Day. It was pretty windy and snowy, but we skied until our legs were jello. It was a blast! Happy Anniversary!!

Here's to our fourth year together!! So far so good!! :)


  1. As always, you and Ty are crazy! Looks like fun though! Happy Anniversary! Isn't it crazy that we've both been married for 3 years now? I remember that crazy semester when we were both planning weddings. Woohoo for us on not getting divorced yet! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! James and I are going on 4 years too. It is amazing how the time flies!!!

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary. It looks like you guys had fun like you always do. Sounds way fun.

  4. Hi Melissa

    I have not been over to your blog in awhile you have been busy having some explosive fun!! Rob went to the same mission as Colin. hope you are having a fun 2009..