Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Little Man Turns 2!!

Here's a few fun things about Rhett: 

He's the sweetest boy and loves hugs and kisses.
But he is ALL boy, through and through.
He loves to be tickled and flipped upside down.
He loves to smile, and giggle and play, play, play.
Charlie and Flat-a-Pat Bear are his favorite stuffed animals to sleep with.
He's always jabbering non-stop and some of it's starting to make sense.
He's still so stubborn he will only drink his sippy cup of milk warm.
Everyday when he wakes up from his night's sleep or a nap he want to open the curtains and see the horse across the street that Ty lovingly named "Virginia". He always shouts, "a hor!!!" anytime he sees the neighbor's horses.
Any time he sees something with wheels he says ZOOM.
Any time he sees a picture of large animal (bear, tiger, lion, dinosaur, elephant, alligator, gorilla, etc) he growls and growls.
He loves sitting in the hot tub, taking rides on the four wheeler or dirt bike and being in the truck.
He's starting to hate naps and his diaper, but he also hates the potty. :(
He loves being dressed and has to have his shoes or boots on nearly 24/7.
He's the best helper and everything has to go back in just the right place.
He is very clean and hates having food all over his hands. He always has to use a "toke" (fork).
He's quite athletic and loves to jump off of things and climb as high as he can on everything!
He loves "baball" (basketball) and baseball and football and soccer!

He absolutely without a doubt loves balls. Small ones, big ones, bouncy ones, bright ones, plain doesn't matter he loves them.

So a ball themed party was born!
Yesterday we celebrated Rhett's second birthday! He's so grown up now!

My parents were driving through town, so for Rhett's birthday lunch, went to Noodles and Co. We ordered him some yummy mac and cheese, but he wouldn't touch the meatballs.

After that we went to the park and played, and played, and played!

After we were too tired to play any more, we opened Rhett's presents. Of course more balls!
It was nice to have my parents here! The kids had so much fun spending Rhett's birthday with them.

 Rhett woke up from his nap right before dinner and was just getting over being sick so he was a bit crabby. I brought him downstairs to see the balloons and cake and the banner that Josie had made.  He LOVES balloons too and was so excited to see all of 65 of them (gotta love that air compressor!)

We sang to him but he didn't want to blow out the candles, or probably didn't even know how!
In fact, he was pretty mad about the whole thing!

The cake turned out really cool! I got the idea from the invitation I made. I used a recipe for angel food cake and added food dye to the batter, then I used a cake ball pan for the different balls. It's was easy and super yummy.

For dinner that night we had one of Rhett's favorites, tortellinis.  Except that we mixed things up and ate the dessert first. Cake with strawberries over the top. 

But Rhett just shoved them in his mouth, after another.
He only had about 10! But hey, it made him happy! 

   Happy birthday Mr. Pickle Pants! We love you!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
You're the perfect finale for our family!

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