Friday, April 14, 2017

Our 1st Coin Flip Road Trip

Spring Breaks was on the horizon and all we knew was that we wanted to go somewhere warm. I spent some time trying to decide where we should go...Vegas, St George, Death Valley, So Colorado, Moab, etc? So instead of deciding we chose not to decide.

We were going to do a coin flip road trip! We had a couple of rules. We could override it any time we all agreed and we weren't going north of Twin Falls (unless it took us to the CA/OR coast). We got the truck and camper ready to go and that morning I got to flip the coin first. 

Was it highway 93 or 84? 84!! Then a second coin flip for east or west. East! Utah bound for now...thus began our spring break trip!

Our first (real) stop...Orem, Utah for lunch at Ty's favorite Old Spaghetti Factory! YUM!!

Don't forget the Spumoni! 

 Cassi and her kids, and McKaela's kids met up with us at the indoor play ground while Ty took a much needed nap for a couple of hours!

 The gang, minus Marcus

At the junction of 1-15 and highway 6 up Spanish Fork Canyon, Ty flipped the coin again. Highway 6 here we come!

Silence is Golden!

 I thought it was supposed to be warmer?! 😒

We stopped outside of the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry for a quick hiking break!

 We drove a bit further before we found a camping spot for the night.

Our first flat of the season! Look at that brand new tire! Shiny!

 Since the Quarry was closed that night we dropped the camper and drove to it in the morning (via Mud Spring Road...aptly named).

The kids loved all the cool stuff in the museum!

AHHHHHH!! He's eating me!!!
This was a fun puzzle Jo and I worked on!  

This is a live quarry so we got to see a few bones they're actively digging up!

 Rhett, you look good in pink!
 Part of our crazy crew on the Rock Walk!

 It had been raining all night and morning so the trail was pretty muddy! 

The road was SUPER slick on the way back to camp. We had to hook on and pull out as quick as we could or else we were afraid we wouldn't be able to leave...

Ty tried backing on for about 30 mins and he just kept sliding to the right or left due to the wet sticky mud. He finally came into the camper where I was making lunch and said he didn't know what to do. 
"Pray", I said.
After a heartfelt prayer, Ty was able to back on to the trailer in a matter of seconds! He was just a little mad he hadn't  prayed sooner! 
Blessings are just waiting for us to ask for them!

 It took every little bit of effort the truck and Ty had to get down that sticky, muddy road back to the highway! We thought we were SOL a couple of times, but Heavenly Father was looking out for us!
 The front of the trailer is completely covered in mud!

Instead of coloring his animal shapes Rhett decided a few temporary tattoos were in order! Which apparently were quite exhausting!!

We got a new tire in Green River and the guy at the repair shop suggested a camping spot at Swasey's Beach just up the road so we checked it out! It was awesome! We were the only one's there so the adults, kids and dogs were sold! Especially after the taxing way back from our last campsite.

"Well, I got my first truck when I was three
Drove a hundred thousand miles on my knees...

There's something women like about a pickup man."

If the video doesn't play try this link by clicking here!


 Just being crazy!

Rhett hates being cold so he just hung out in the sand instead while the girls ran and ran! Silly boy!

The next morning while we were making breakfast Josie ran back to the camper and was shouting "Mama, Mama!!" I was a little freaked out until she said, "We found a beaver!"

I've never seen one outside of a zoo so that was cool and the kids totally loved it!

Just a little morning yoga session to loosen things up! LOL!

 On the way in Ty and I saw the John Wesley Powell River History Museum so we thought that'd be fun to see. Apparently they were celebrating his 183rd birthday and had a bunch of fun activities and free entrance that day! Cool!

 Kate and Rhett did a science experiment when we got there. They made a boat out of tin foil to see how many paper clips it would hold before it sank.

 Josie's boat was new and improved!

Those are some good looking explorers! 
 FYI: John Wesley Powell got his arm cut off in the war and was still able to paddle these crazy unknown rivers like a madman! Props!!

After the awesome movie (I honestly think it's the best museum movie I've ever seen) we headed across the street to Tamarisk, a hip little restaurant overlooking the river.

The kids shared a giant chicken quesadilla and Ty had the Bacon and Blue Burger.
I ordered The Sundance Kid and had the BEST STEAK I'VE EVER EATEN! YUUMMMM!!! 

We all went back to the museum to check out more fun and Rhett loved to push this guy's buttons 😏...and hear him talk. 

There was even a birthday card that everyone could sign and cake that the restaurant had made.

We decided the spend another night at Swasey's Beach and relaxed in the afternoon sun (Rhett in his Tonka Truck) and took a dip in the frigid Green River waters!

The next day we flipped the coin again and decided to go see Goblin Valley State Park, arguably one of my most favorite parks in Utah. I've probably been there at least 8 times. There's so many cool places to see! I think I could spend days exploring it all! If you've never gone it's amazing!


We were playing hide and seek. I sat up here the whole time and they walked right by me. Then they decided to climb to the top of this mound so they could see better and I hear Rhett call out at the top of his lungs from clear over there, "Mama!" He was the first one to spot me! 😉


The second beaver we've spotted this trip!

 This is the baby-eating rock for those of you who know about the people-eating rock!


We decided it was time again to take a back road, so we headed up this neat road called Temple Mountain Road. It just kept climbing and climbing, but the views were amazing. We finally made it back down the other side. We're coming back here for sure for some wheeling and camping!

 Eagle Canyon on I-70

 We stopped by Richfield/Central Valley and saw my cousin's family and the kids played and we chatted for a couple of hours before we took off in search of a camp spot at about 10:30pm. Unfortunately the brakes went out on the truck as we took the exit off I-70 to Aurora. Luckily Ty still had trailer brakes so it wasn't quite as scary, but it's a miracle it wasn't on top of Temple Mountain Road or coming off the pass on  I-70!

We wanted to get to Nephi in the morning and get some auto parts but everything was closed on Sunday there and nearly everywhere else around. So we hobbled into Scipio and stopped at the truck stop for the night. at about midnight, Ty took the wheel apart and realized the rotor was worn nearly through and the caliper was completely done for. He had all his tools and was able to use his hatchet to break apart one of his wooden tire blocks and force it in the caliper so the brake lines would have pressure for the rest of the tires. He then bungy-ed/ratcheted the caliper to the axle!
Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me! You're amazing Ty!

 We got up early and stopped for break fluid and a quick breakfast the next morning and said another one of many prayers that we could make it to Payson, about 60 miles away, without any problems.

The jimmy-rigged brake line and caliper.

 In less than 2 hours Ty fixed it and got it back together in the Payson swimming pool parking lot. I entertained the kids at the park while he did all the work.

This is a picture of the rotor. For those of you who don't know, it's supposed to be the same thickness on both the top and the bottom...😩


The rest of the way home went by slowly, but the kids were entertained!

Finally home! It was a fun trip but truly exhausting physically and mentally for Ty! But incredibly spiritually uplifting for both of us!

Here's where our Coin Flip Road Trip took us. We'll absolutely be doing more of these kinds of undetermined trips soon!  Minus all the drama! 😥

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