Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Birthdays Are Nicer Than One!

This year Josie and Kate decided to have a joint birthday party, so they could have twice as much fun all at once! A couple of years ago Josie said she wanted to have a batgirl birthday for her sixth birthday, so we made it happen! Except Josie wanted to be Wonder Woman and Kate wanted to be Bat Girl.

They both got Spin Brushes with their fancy capes and masks...cuz Superheroes need clean teeth too!
We got them a Super Sand Digger as well for their new almost finished play area.

We invited a bunch of kids to come jump with us at the local trampoline park, Jump Time. 

It was a lot of fun! 

Most of the crew!

 Neither of our girls like cake so we decided to go with brownies this year and I think they turned out pretty neat! They both loved them!

Of course we sang Happy Birthday to both of them and they blew out their imaginary candles!

It was so much fun! Thank you all for coming!

Everyone at our house was super tired by the time we were finished for the evening so we opened presents the following evening.

 They ended up with a bunch of new toys and we're so happy with everything they were given. Thank you all for your generous gifts!

Grandma Michelle came a few days later and she  took both girls to the Storytime Pottery Class at Hands On where they made a couple of fun projects. Thanks Grandma! It was a lot of fun having you here!

Happy birthday to our little peanut and pumpkin! We love you both!

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