Monday, May 30, 2016

Ritter Island

Now that I'm working in a clinic we are closed on the all major holidays so I got to take the kids and go on an adventure! I told the kids to get dressed and clean up their room because I was taking them to go explore an Island! This was opening weekend for Ritter Island and a beautiful day to go on a hike! They were so excited!

(We tried to go to Ritter Island 2 years ago, but we ended up in the ER before we ever got there)

If you want to learn a little about it check out the link here!

This is the main house  you can see through the trees and there were several smaller houses like this pink one all around it!

The barn and the milking parlor

Thousand Spring

This is the Idaho Power building and it just happens to be a castle! The girls loved it!!

 The girls were so excited to see all the old stuff in the barn! They were racing around shouting, "Look at this, Mom!" "Wow! This is so cool!"
 The Hayloft!
My favorite comment up here was, "This place is HUGE! You could have a barn dance up here!"

 Two little cows eating their imaginary hay and mooing!

 Don't forget about me! I want some hay too! :)

 Ready for Take Off! Truly the "Captain of the Skies"

 The short hike to Minnie Miller Falls

 We hiked around the whole island! It was really neat!

 Rhett tried dipping his toes in, but he's a big chicken and doesn't like cold water!

On our way to leave, I realized we had locked the keys in the car! I asked a few people around if they knew how to pick a lock and they didn't. But one gentleman had a wire hanger and although the car was sealed up tight, he and another man were able to wedge it beneath the rubber seal and lasso the door handle. It only took one try in about 15 mins! They made it look so easy! The one gentleman was even shocked and said, "That was a miracle!" And since that's what I had been praying for, I knew it had we said a quick prayer of gratitude!

We stopped at the creamery for ice cream on the way home! A wonderful day, adventures and all! We'll definitely be back, Ritter Island! What a great place!

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