Friday, March 18, 2016

Our Boy is One Year Old!

We invited just a few friends and my parents over for Rhett's 1st birthday.

That morning he was presented with a huge stack of pancakes, while we sang happy birthday, in honor of the big day! :)

 "Are these all really for ME, Dad???"
(He didn't actually get to eat all of these!)

One Wild Boy!

Since we really don't care for cake at our house, I decided to make sugar cookies that looked like lions to match the theme.

 Hahaha! I'm going to need to perfect my piping skills! Buttercream has never been my friend!
Oh well! I think I'll stick with whipped cream cheese frosting instead.

My what big eyes you have!!


"Cake" smash!

Paula and her bloodshot-eyed lion! :)

Paul's best selfie of the night!

 More please?!

What is Rhett like now that he's One?
He's just like a tornado! He's into everything, but the dishwasher or the dog food bowls continue to be his favorite. He's still just crawling everywhere, but this doesn't stop him. He's not talking yet, but jabbers up a storm! He's a pro at going up and down full flights of stairs and climbing the stool up to the sink. He still wakes up at night, but I'm hoping he'll grow out of that soon! He loves a good tummy raspberry or tickle fest and loves to be flown around on my shoulder or carried upside down! Love this little stinker! We're so blessed to have you in our family :)

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Boy! Click here!

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