Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Ty's parents invites the whole family to Ephriam Canyon in July for a week of four wheelin'. It was a lot of fun.  Everyone was there except Ian and Tiffany's family. Josie loved having cousins to place with. Too back Quinn didn't make it. Maybe next time?

We didn't take too many pictures for some reason, but Cassi, Stevo and Kels took it on one of their trips so you get to see a lot of randomness from them! :)

 The first ride Ty and Beau took, Beau ended up rolling the machine and hurting his ribs and went home that night. That'll teach him to come camping with the Sleights! ;)

 Josie insisted on bringing one dress up outfit and this dragon was her pick. Kate had fun wearing it until just before we took this picture...go figure!

Kaela and Eric

Crazy 'Ol Grandpa!

 Marcus and McKenzie. Check out Josie's sweet ride! I made her a sun shade and everything! Now that's what I call rollin' in style!

 Snowball fight!

All the ladies, plus marcus! 

 Karen's sister Peggy and Russ camped with us to. It was fun to see them again!

 Mud Princesses...complete with war paint!

Cutie Pie Miles and Silly Josie!

And that about sums up the trip! Crazies all around!

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