Thursday, August 28, 2014

Down South...

Over the 4th of July we headed to Jarbidge, NV which I'm sure few of you have ever heard of, but

Our little campsite right by the creek!

 Kate ever helping!

Fancy Josie!

Cool old stuff!

 Where do those go?

 To the Seven Dwarfs Mine!

 Josie loved it!!

Kate made it clear she didn't want to have her picture taken, she just wanted to explore the cabin!

 Some new friends told us where to go to find the wild flowers people from across the country come here to see! They were amazing! The pictures really don't even show how beautiful they were!

After a long day... 

 Courtesy of Josie Lynn

Five of Ty's Six favorite things! 

I brought stuff for Thai Mangoes and Sticky Rice, but forgot to pack sugar, so we improvised! :)

  This child rubs everything in her hair...sigh!

 The "locals" invited us to be in the parade! Josie was sooo excited!

 The whole parade consisted of these vehicles up main street and back down. It last about 10 mins total! 

They shot this black powder cannon off twice! It was neat to see!

After the parade there were games for the kids in the park. Kate and I watched while Josie had a blast!

Apparently hula hooping to her means around your neck! 

 Or maybe this is a full body activity!

She was ready to carry the spoon in her mouth...

 But maybe her hand was really much easier!

WE tried to stop at Murphy Hot Springs...but don't! It doesn't exist anymore and all we found was a crazy old man rambling on and on about the government conspiracy! 

After we got back! Silly Girl!

Pop its! 
 Kate loved them! But why not, she was child who used to walk into a room and knocked stuff on the ground and said, "Boom!"

  A few crackling ground blooms!

 Josie couldn't wait to help light off the fireworks!

 We had a wonderful 4th of July! I'm so grateful for a free country we have to explore and make memories in.

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