Thursday, August 28, 2014

Up North...

 In need of camping trip Ty and headed up to Fairfield with the girls and the dogs and all the toys! It was only 90 mins away, but was gorgeous.

Ty got a hitch welded onto the trailer for the camper to be pulled behind.

Here is the before... 

 ...the during (a little high centered) 

 ...and the after! 

Go to bed!

 Exploring "girl style"

 The dogs would not stay in the camper and ran all the way up this trail after us. We thought they had given up and turned around. At this point we had turned back and this was prob 8 miles away from camp.

Just chillin!

I hiked to the top of Sydney Butte to get cell service and arrange a meet up with my nephew. It was gorgeous in every direction!

 Warwick Hot Springs!

The girls enjoying their freedom in the back seat while on the trail to meet Caden

Tipover Babies!

 I just don't like the processed cake mix + pie filling taste, so I found a new recipe for homemade cobbler... which was delicious! Ty spent the extra time to pit the fresh cherries Josie and I had picked the day before we left. 

  We all helped to make fresh homemade ice cream in our ice cream "ball"! Caden was bowling it down the hill to us.

 I'm not sure why bu the next day Kate was obsessed with this vest! She wouldn't take it off!

Someone forgot where they had put the porta-potty and it got a little crumpled, but no loss (except a little spillage), popped right back into shape!

We thought we'd avoid the extra long load on the way down!
We had a excellent trip and will definitely be back next year!

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