Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stake Girls Camp 2014: Super Hero Sisters

This is the second year since we've lived in Filer that I have been called to go to Stake Girl's Camp, which is funny, because I'm not even in Young Women program. But I guess the word is out that I like to camp and hike, so I'm not really surprised.

But this year was a little different. The Stake Camp Director asked if I would be in charge of the 4th year overnighter backpacking trip and have Ty come along, but then stay the rest of the week for camp. Even though we don't have family in town to watch the girls, Ty's parents came up for a few days and another neighbor girl watched them at night while Ty was at work later in the week. 

It was a lot of fun...although the timing of all of it was stressful, with Kate's arm, Josie's dance recital and my relay race, but it all worked out for the best. We ended up with 14 girls in our cabin. They were ~15 year olds and it was a great bunch of girls. 

We drove up to camp and unpacked the gear for the rest of the week into our cabins and after we ate our lunch we headed out on our hike. Ty was able to go up early that morning and ride his four wheeler all over the place! 

On our way into camp a little fawn ran right in front of a lot of the girls!

You can see all the way into Nevada up on this ridge line. 

We set up our tents/tarps and spent several hours hanging out around the fire. It was a great chance to get to know the girls or other leaders, since I didn't know any of them except Molly (above). The next morning we hiked back into to camp and got there about noon. All of the girls were pretty upbeat and didn't complain at all, even though hardly any of them had backpacked before.

After we got back to camp the other campers met us up there and it was business as usual the rest of the week. We did a service project one day at Magic Mountain and got to ride the ski lift up twice! Of course I've ridden it in the winter, but surprising I've never gone in the summer. It was fun. Both trips up I went with girls that were afraid of heights, but they were able to enjoy it.

 Just a little group charades! Quite entertaining actually!

On Wednesday I had to go back to town to go to Josie's dance recital, which will be a different post. But on my way back up to camp I saw these 2 deer and 2 others as well a few minutes later!

Well needless to say it was a great long week with lots of fun times. I drove home on Friday, showered and headed up to Stanley for the Sawtooth Relay. No rest for the wicked! :)

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