Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Josie's 2nd Annual Dance Recital

Josie ended up taking 2 different dance classes this year, a ballet, jazz and tap class and a tumbling class. It was really fun, but I think we'll pick only one next year :).

Ty and Karen and McKay did a good job of taking her to the dress rehearsal and pictures the day before, while I was at girls camp. I was able to come home a bit early the next day and get her all dressed and cute for her official night. 

 Her tumbling outfit!

 I snapped a quick sneaky picture because she didn't want me to take one of her. Well at least I caught a realistic view of the moment! Ha!

Although she had a bit of a meltdown after falling asleep on the car ride over, a few coloring pages backstage helped her calm down and she did a great job!

Click here to watch her performances!

Happy moment! We love you Jo!

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