Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Much Fun!

Josie and I got the chance to spend a day at Pomerelle on January 20th! It was great! They had recently got 20" of new snow.
Josie loved it and it was so warm I didn't even wear my gloves the whole day. We ended spending about 3 hours out on the hill altogether. 

She can't wait to go again soon!

Josie's "Excited to Go Skiing" Dance!

Poor Kate! (She got to stay home with Dad)

 All decked out!!

 Chillin on the Magic Carpet

Click here for the fun video.

 Taking a break making snow angels

She'll be ready for lessons next time!

This last week we got nearly 10" of snow in just a couple of days, so it was a winter wonderland again. We'd tried to make snowmen before when it snowed, but it was too dry. On Saturday, the snow was perfect for building look-alike snowman. Kate was napping, but the neighbor boys came over and joined in the fun! 




They had a great time sledding off the bomb shelter after that! Good thing we did, because now, just 24 hours later it's all gone and feels like spring! :)

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