Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas is Coming...

We had a lot of fun with Christmas this year. Josie is at the perfect age to get excited about all of it! Kate could really care less! :)

Here's a few of the things we did to make it fun!
Our first snow of the year!! 

Oh what fun it is to ride...

 Kate's fancy Christmas Party outfit. I was asked to sing "I Believe in Christ" for the Ward Christmas Party. I lost my voice a few days before, but with a lot of rest and prayers it turned out great (or so I heard)! 

 My...what big hands you have Santa!!

 Josie told me just what to write and folded it herself! I loved it!

We made dark chocolate dipped figs with sea salt and an amazing milk chocolate candy called "Gravy Cubes" and Santa's Shortbread Bites for our friends and neighbors. Then we went out south of Curry Crossing and saw the Lane of Lights. It was incredible!

We bought a Living Christmas Tree this year to plant in our yard this spring.
I loved that it was just a little different! It was an Austrian Pine.
Josie did an excellent job of helping me decorate it and Kate did an excellent job of NOT undecorating it! 

 The last few days before Christmas, Josie was obsessed with my fancy Italian Nativity Set, so we got her a kid's one at Deseret Book and went to see the real nativity at the Temple. She loved it!

 Josie was so disappointed that she couldn't go in...poor thing!

 Pretty Pre-Christmas Dresses/Suit for Church

Ty's parents came for a couple days before Christmas to spend some time with us and the girls!

 More food and pie for Christmas Eve!

 Dress up fun!

The night of Christmas Eve, we used Josie's new Nativity to tell the story of baby Jesus and sang a few of her favorite songs, like Away in a Manger and Little Donkey.

We sprinkled some reindeer food and glitter on the walk so Santa and his reindeer would know where to come and watched the Santa tracker for a few mins before bed.

Josie also left a mug of milk for cookies, he was too stuffed from all the delicious food and pie! ;)

 Kate was up first at 7:30 the next morning. We literally had to wake Josie up! Not sure what we were all doing awake so early!

From Santa, Josie got Dora's Talking Dollhouse and Kate got a puppy puppet book and bath paints.

Even the dogs had stockings from Santa! This is Koko, Ty's parent's dog.

 Ty also got a new set of drills that he soooo badly needed!

Ty's Mom, Karen, made this super cute quilt for Josie. As you can see she also has a new Ariel doll that never leaves her side and a new dress up costume! :)
This was Ty's gift to me. I LOVE it! It's an ottoman/blanket storage bench. I'd been wanting one for a while and he surprised me! He did an excellent job!

Even the inside looks beautiful!

What a beautiful time of year to reflect on the gift of our Savior and his infinite Atonement. I'm so grateful for all we have and were able to share this year. I love you Ty, Josie and Kate and the rest of our big families!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone and God Bless.

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