Saturday, December 7, 2013

Josie's Christmas Dance Recital

So one night I was watching, So You Think You Can Dance and Josie starts busting out the most amazing moves, swinging her arms all around and twirling and rolling around on the floor.  Not Kidding! Then she says, "Mom, do it with me!" Ha! I danced for 10 years, but it took a lot of effort for me to learn all the moves.

But I knew from that time on Josie needed more than just Tumbling. She did 6 months of Tumbling last year and loved it, but this year I signed her up for two classes: 1. Tumbling and 2. Ballet, Tap and Jazz. She loves it! She will dance around the house with her Tap shoes on and her leotard and sing and have her "stage" for us to watch her.

So this year, Miss Amanda, her teacher, wanted them to do a Christmas recital, but all the venues were booked from the various participants last year. So she signed them up for the Festival of Trees...kind of an odd thing and a very small stage, but it worked out OK. (She's hoping to find something a little better next year!) My parents were in town and our friends Paul and Paula came to see as well!

Josie did great! First she did her tumbling routine. She is getting so much better!!

Then she did her Tap dance, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! She was soo cute! She's the farthest one to the left, if you couldn't tell which one was her.

One of my coworkers has her daughter in the same company and this was her cute dance!

Merry Christmas from Josie!


  1. Her cute video has been blocked! I want to see her adorable dance! :)

    1. Ok the video is fixed now, stupid YouTube!