Friday, October 25, 2013

Oh Eternal Summer!

Well since we've been camping, road tripping, running, 4x4ing, famil"ing" all summer I have gotten so behind on my posts. Thus, the whole slew of pics of what we've been up to. Now that it's decided fall is over and its winter, we're spending a little more time just hanging out, but I really do mean only a little more! ;)

Ty made an impromptu Splash Pad against the deck railing that Josie and Kate hung out in.

I made delicious Apricot Spread with a box of the best variety I've ever tried: Regal Apricots from Brigham City.

 With her ET tubes in her ears, Josie doesn't like to get her ears wet...meaning she never puts her head under the water, so this is proud moment for us! No ear plugs! :)

 A week of fun days at daycare.
This one was mismatch and crazy hair day! I think we nailed it!

And this was Halloween in August!

Each year for work we get to put on a Fun Run for all the kids in the community. It's in partnership with the YEAH! program that I teach. (Youth Engaged in Activities for Health).

Sarah and Anthony's awesome MyPlate Bean Bag Toss!!! 

 Good thing her daddy's an x-ray tech!

Hey sweet baby! How 'bout cooking somethin' up for me??

 Beautiful Niagara Springs is literally just across the river from our house!

The one taking the pictures was a little too chicken to get in that chilly water after he prematurely pushed the other one in! ;)

Summer...come back soon! I already miss you!

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