Friday, October 25, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and Foam Fest 2013!

Anyone who knows me realizes I'm WAY more about play than work. Who isn't, right? Ok. Well not everyone. I know a few people that just can't get over the discipline that they would have to sacrifice just to have a blast doing something! 

So in comes Foam Fest. I had heard about it and wanted to do it, so I mentioned it to a friend, Paula, who had wanted to run a triathlon with me. Don't get me wrong triathlons are great, but this looked FUN!! So we signed up and Ty decided to join in as well. He can't help himself either.

Since the race was over Labor Day weekend in SLC we made several days of it. We drove down Friday night and stayed with Ty's parents.  They got to play with the girls while we did the race. Josie was excited to see the race, but I think she had more fun with her cousin Quinn.  Paula's family came to cheer us on and at the last minute her niece, Sarah, ran home and got her running gear so she could join. She literally made it back 10 seconds before we started. Whew!!

Our team name was Awesome Possums! Don't ask where that came from, but we we all sporting orange and black!

If you don't know what a Foam Fest is, google it! It's awesome! Who's up for next year??

After we cleaned up a bit, we met up with the girls and Ty's sister Tiff and Grandma and Grandpa. We went for lunch and then to see Tiff and Mike's house. Quinn and Jo played all day together. 

Sunday we all just kind of hung out, played games, went to church and drove to Kels and Stevo house.

Monday morning Ty's niece, McKaela, watched the girls while the 4 of us went Wheeling! It was soooo much fun! I think we drove ~60 miles, near Wallsburg. 

We stayed a little too long, but definitely had fun. After picking up the girls we headed back to Tiff's to install a light switch, which turned into a switch and 2 ceiling fans and all new electrical to both. 

So since it was such a bigger job than we had planned, we stayed the night and finished it up in the morning. Of course Josie and Quinn got to play for even longer.

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