Monday, October 22, 2012

St Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration

Since I am a part time employee of St Luke's employee wellness dept, they encouraged all of us to participate in the St Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration this year. So a few of my colleagues and I decided to go up to Boise for the event. My sister lives there and my mom was going to be there visiting, so we planned on having all of the girls walk together. It was a 5k and instead of running, like I usually do, since I was 7 months pregnancy I decided I would carry Josie on my back and hang out with everyone else. Ty was working so it really was a true "Girls Only" trip!

So Friday after work, Josie, Amy and I headed up to Boise. After driving all around and picking up our race packet and t shirts we met up with my family for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! My nephew Caden was supposed to be flying in that night, but didn't make it until the next morning. I had the best dessert I think I've ever had! (Ty says when I'm pregnant I say that about everything, which is probably true, but still!) It was coconut creme cheesecake. The best part was the chocolate coconut macaroons which were pressed into a crust. YUM! Why hadn't I ever thought of that???

Anyway after spending some time there we checked into our "guest house" near St Luke's campus. I had stayed there before and it was a really great deal and close to the starting line the next morning so it was perfect. Debbie met us up they shortly after that and we headed to bed.

The next morning we were all ready for the big race! Josie was pretty excited too! 

This was her first "official" 5k with a race number and t shirt! Sweet!

Debbie, Me, Josie, Mom, Christen and Amy

Josie only walked a little bit, but did pretty well considering!

There were about a million people there! I couldn't believe it! By the time we finished the race it was 1 hour and 20 mins later, quite a slow pace if you ask me, but it was fun to chat with everyone!

 We had breakfast/snacks at the park after the race and met up with Guye, Caden and my Dad.

Josie and Caden threw the leftover bagels to the ducks! 

Amy headed back home with Debbie and I stuck around to spend some time with my family.

We spent quite a while on the playground, which was pretty impressive. After that we found a bounce house/slide and rock climbing wall. Of course Josie wanted to "climb" so we hoisted her into her harness and away she went.

 We drove to see my sister's new house and got some frozen yogurt after that. I was exhausted as I didn't sleep well the night before and I think I was a bit dehydrated too so I took a nap while everyone played RC cars.

After that we headed back to Twin and met Ty for dinner. My parents stayed the night and went home after church the next day! It was a fun weekend! Thanks everyone!

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