Saturday, November 17, 2012

Falling Leaves and Pumpkin Festival

Ty recently got a wood stove for his shop and took Josie and I along to cut some wood for the winter. Although we weren't very helpful, it was really pretty up in the hills and Josie and I loved exploring.

 Here's the big pile of wood that Dad chopped! Way to go Ty!

It was a beautiful fall evening watching the sunset!
(This is really what it looked photoshop needed)
We love where we live! We have sunsets like this nearly every night!

During the first part of October there was a Pumpkin Festival at our local nursery so Josie and I decided to go have a fun time there! 

All decked out in her Halloween outfit! (Of course she refused to look at the camera)

She really wanted to win a cupcake and did the cupcake walk about 8 times. Finally she took her remaining tickets up the lady and asked her for a cupcake! It was really funny!

We took a tractor ride to pick out a pumpkin and Josie decided she wanted the "tiny" ones! 

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