Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pirate Day at School**

Every Thursday during the summer the daycare Josie goes to has a dress up day. It's been fun to have her dress up each time. Well this time Ty said they were doing Pirate Day. So that morning, I got Josie up and got her all dressed. I had some tattoos left over from girl's camp that we didn't use so Ty got busy putting these on her! She is the cutest looking Pirate I've ever seen! 

**Come to find out later it wasn't Pirate Day but Rock Star day. Oops! I think she still qualifies right?? And she didn't care! :)


  1. She is the cutest one I am sure. I wish that I could say that the stubborness does not come from the Sleight side, but the Tingey's are rather....

  2. She totally rocks the pirate outfit! She'd pass for a rock star any day minus the arrr! face tat! :)