Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camping near Bloomington Lakes

We were able to go camping with Ty's family for 5 days in the beginning of August up St Charles canyon. As you saw in the earlier post I had my ultrasound before we left to go camping Wednesday and had a surprise planned for Josie and Ty's family the next morning before breakfast. We're having another girl! :)

Good Morning Ty! 

Ty's sisters were there except for Tiffany and his brother didn't make it.  We spent Thursday morning at Bloomington Lakes with lots of swimming, and rope swinging. I didn't really feel like I should but I think Ty made up for both of us. 

The dogs felt like they had to "save" everyone!

 Just Chillin'

Even Ty's Mom decided to try!

 Josie took the towel in the water to sunbathe! Funny girl!

 After lunch Ty's Dad, Ty and I hiked the 7 miles back to camp. It was a really pretty hike and mostly downhill, which I didn't mind either. :) Josie and the other kids went into town to get ice cream. FUN!!  

Friday morning we tried to go to the Minitonka Caves, but it was all sold out, so we decided to come back to the caves on Saturday.

 So we went into town instead and ate lunch and headed to Old Jardine, a Juniper tree that's super old and looks really cool!


After the hike we headed to Bear Lake for some afternoon sun.  
All the kids sat in the back seat of the truck and had a lot of fun with the noodles on the way.


Crab walking!

Ty and I played water ball catch for a while and Josie spent some time building sand castles. She played and played in the cold water and didn't even realize she was cold until we asked her. 
At that point she was already shivering and slightly purple. She snuggled up with a towel after that. 

Saturday we toured the caves. I've been there a bunch of times, but it's still really neat.

 Josie and Ty and I walked down the old entry path back to camp. It was a really nice hike. Josie was a rockstar. That afternoon we headed back up to Bloomington Lake for Kelsey and Steve.

It was just as much fun the second time. Josie kept saying she wanted to "swing with Daddy". Although she didn't get to do that she did get to sit in the water with Dad. 

We didn't have her swim suit and instead of getting her undies wet we used an extra pull-up we had...should have used the undies. Holy moly! 
We left the hill weighing about 5 pounds more!  

Sunday we drove down into town for church. I've been to the St Charles ward twice and each time they use all the rooms just for sacrament meeting, like RS, YW, YM, Primary, Chapel and Gym for all the people that come. It's crazy!

Ty's family left soon after that and we stuck around for a while before we left. We stopped in Montpelier to visit Ty's Grandparents. We had a picnic in Pocatello and took a quick peak at the zoo animals. Josie got to play with the glow sticks in the truck on the way home after it got dark, which she loved!

Monday we spent at Dierke's Lake and got some KiwiLoco after that. It was great! Lots of fun swimming, hiking, relaxing, playing with the cousins, chatting, cooking, family time, and of course a little drama too, but who can have family time without that?? :)

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