Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy Busy!

The last few weeks have been really busy! It's been fun, but also kind of exhausting as well. Every chance we get we are going somewhere or doing something. The best part is it's slowing down, but we still get to have fun. Here's a peak at what we've been up to lately.

We had a Kid's Fest for work and did a Fun Run as part of the YEAH! healthy kids initiative. Josie came to help. She wanted to run the 1 mile path so badly, but I had to help with the finish line and couldn't go. A coworker of mine took her with them and their little boy.
 Apparently she's being stubborn (imagine that) and doesn't want to go any further so the adults are trying to talk her into continuing.

One of our pediatric doctors was taking the pics here and she is showing her "owie" to him!
I think she had a bug bite on that arm. :)

We spend the rest of the day just hanging out and playing.

The trains are her favorite thing ever! She loved this!

We always like to go to the county fair and rodeo and this year was no different. We were able to go with our friends Paul and Paula. Josie got to see the Bear Show, petting zoo, pony ride, zip line and lots of other fun things. She really liked the chocolate dipped strawberries! YUM!!
 Josie was so excited for the free zip line. She raced right up to the front of the line to pick out a harness. Of course we had to be patient and wait in the back for a few minutes, but that didn't slow her down.

 She thought it was great!!

 She was even brave enough to slide with no hands! 

 She loved all the animals at the petting zoo.

She and I even got to milk a cow!!

She really liked the pony ride as well. 

She was almost more excited to ride the doggie though! :) 

She decided her cow girl hat was to worn out and she needed a new pink one to match her outfit!

 Having fun at the rodeo! Josie had fun for a while, but didn't last the whole time. Oh well!

Since we are getting ready for Josie's new sister to come Ty helped me fix up Josie's room as well. We scraped the popcorn off the ceiling and gave it a quick patch job.

 Even Josie got to help! Sort of...
Once we get it all finished I'll post some final pics! Stay tuned!!

That night we went to Persian Kebab for dinner. We had been her once before and LOVED it! Even Josie really liked it! You should give it a try. 

One day when both Ty and I were off, we headed up to Niagara Springs State Park in Buhl.
It was beautiful there. Josie loved it!!

 That afternoon we were getting some fresh corn ready to cook and Josie just started munching on a raw cob! It was so funny! She loved it! :)

 Hanging out at Centennial Park with Mom.

Paul and Paula got a new boat and we've been trying out "bubbling"...I think it's Ty's new favorite water sport.
Well Josie wanted to give it a try with  Dad and turtle. She had a blast with this as well!

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