Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th!!

Ty's favorite holiday is July 4th! That morning while Dad was sleeping after his night shift, we went to JoAnn's and picked out some fabric to decorate her new bedroom and bought some some flags!

 She wanted to wear her "suit" that morning, so we could play in the sprinklers.

 She thought bear and polar bear needed to come too!

Since there aren't a lot of festivities in Twin Falls on the 4th, Paul and Paula came with Ty, Josie and I to Buhl Sagebrush Days! It was surprising a lot of fun! Josie loved it all!

 Loving the Mini Train!

 I think she could have stayed here all day!

 The big slide was fun with Paula and Mom!

 Sweet Piggy Back Stack!!

After the park we went to 1000 Springs and soaked in the pool for a while! It was great! Afterwards we came back to Paul and Paula's for a BBQ.

 Josie loved the Sparklers and Pop Its!

Silly girl!

We ate delicious food and watched all the illegal fireworks go off around their house! It was quite the show!! I don't think the night could have gotten any better. 
It was a wonderful day! Thanks everyone!!  :)

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