Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girl's Camp At Alturas Lake

So I was pretty bummed when we moved to Filer, as I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to go to Girl's Camp this year...but the Lord knows me well. About a month before camp I was called to be the Assistant Camp Director for our ward, which at Stake Camp means you get to enjoys all the perks without all the stress! Even though I didn't know any of the girls I got to know them all quite well. I was able to go up for the whole week. We had an awesome time hiking, canoeing, skitting, singing, sleeping, shooting, rapelling, laughing, dancing, etc. Our Ward's cabin theme was Neverland from Peter Pan and we were the Lost Girls. We had the biggest ward up there with 33 girls! Wow! It was great.

 The sprinklers made the trees look awesome in the morning!

Heart Lake! Beautiful!!  
 Teaching Archery!

Be Careful with this one!!!

We are Family! Camp Dance 

 Just a few of us at Galena Summit!

Ty and his nephew Caden stayed home and played with and watched Josie while I was gone. When I got back Ty mentioned that he got a few chickens! I follow him to the garage to find 15 baby chicks!!!! Seriously??? I guess only 5 were ours and we were watching the other 10 for a friend. Sigh! I guess I need to leave more specific instructions  next time when I leave for 4 days!!

Kisses for the chicks!!

Still a little in shock!! :)

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