Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun in the Sun in So Utah

A few weeks ago we headed down to Southern Utah, Kodachrome State Park in Grand Staircase-Escalante with Ty's family for UEA. Since the whole family was there except one sister, it was a nice early holiday vacation! We got down there on Thursday and spend the evening by the fire. Friday morning we had to run back into Panquitch because Ty's alternator was overheating. Luckily they had a Napa Auto Parts and the replacement part was totally free due to the warranty! Yeah!!

Josie thought this Indian was so funny!

After exploring there a little and looking around for more lodging for Ty's sister, we headed back towards the park to do some hiking. This was a cool slot canyon we found called Willis Creek Narrows.

Ian and Ty's mom, Karen, doing a little bouldering!

Cousin Quinn's Crazy Hair!
It was fun for Josie to spend some time with her, since they are only 6 months apart in age.
All Smiles Here!
Quinn, Tiff, McKay and Kels!
Beau, Marcus and McKenzie.
Josie and McKenzie quickly became good friends, and followed each other around everywhere.

The next day we found a hike that met up with Willis Creek called Sheep Creek. These were some fun pics we took while we were waiting for the others at the Dam.

Angel's Palace lookout.
Not too far from here Summer decided to do a little cliff diving.
  Luckily it wasn't too steep and she was leashed to Ian.

Josie loved to play horsie with Scratch in the trailer! As you can see Sniff looks a little nervous! Hehe!
Jo swinging with Grandpa before heading back home Monday morning!
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  1. Why wasn't there any mention as to what happened to your pants at the Sheep Creek dam slide? You should disclose these things! We thought that it was pretty funny.

  2. I can't believe how full Josie's diaper got without just falling off completely! I am very intrigued as to what happened to your pants.....the picture leaves much to wonder! :)