Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Halloween this year was fun! Saturday night we went as "Old McDonald's Farm"  to a Trunk or Treat in our ward. It was a little cold, but Josie had fun! She was amazed by all the people and their crazy costumes! She was really mesmerized!

In case you can't tell what I am (a lot of people struggled with this) I'm a horse!
I'd even take donkey, but not a cat or squirrel! Seriously!!

Josie loves her new potty chair. This a cute outfit my mom made for her for Halloween!
Josie: Thanks Granny! I love it!

We decorated our pumpkins with our friends Paul and Paula on Sunday night. 
Josie designed the one to the right and Dad made it happen! So funny!!
Josie fit inside the Great Pumpkin! So cute!!


Looks like pre-Trick or Treating jitters on Halloween night! Hehe!
It only took her a few minutes to realize that she needed to make a  muffled knock on each door with her duck wing and say something that didn't sound anything like Trick or Treat. It was soooo cute!

She loved her sweet ride!! She hung out in here all night!
After we were done walking around, we went to see our friend's "Haunted Mansion" and then Josie and I visited Dad at work in the hospital and did a little reverse Trick or Treating! That was really fun!

Til next year!
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  1. I can't believe how big that pumpkin is!! Josie looks very cute in her duck costume! Creative with the Old Mac Donald theme! :)