Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Well we've been keeping busy the last few weeks. My family had a cousin's reunion that was really fun at Cherry Hill in Utah. I didn't take any pics cuz it was mostly water park stuff, but it was great. We stayed with Ty's Aunt Karen Friday and Saturday night. They were a lot of kids there that I hadn't met yet and it was fun to catch up with a few people, although we could have spent a lot longer doing that!

Josie loved the lazy river and the miniature golf. We each got several "hole-in-nones" with the help of Josie. She didn't quite understand the idea behind the game, but it was fun to watch her race after each ball. hahaha. After we finished with the ball pit, and batting cages we ate dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory, one of Ty's favorite restaurants, in Trolley Square.

The next weekend my sister and her boyfriend, Guy came from Boise and my parents and nephew Caden met in Twin Falls after a week of playing at Grandma's house in Shelley. We had a picnic lunch at Dierkes Lake and played in the sand and water. It was a lot of fun!

The week after that Ty's parents came up to get their dog's teeth cleaned for way less $$. They didn't stay too long, but we were able to go out to dinner, spend a few hours chatting and they spent the whole next day playing with Josie while Ty and I worked.

The most excited thing, however, happened today! We still have my green '98 Chevy Cavalier that I bought in high school. :) Although it's still running strong, even after being totaled, we needed a little more room and reliability. We test drove a Scion xB about 2 months ago, and thought it was really nice. But of course it wasn't the prettiest car we tried out! Ty thinks it is especially ugly, even still. :) But all the other comparable vehicles cost over $8k more than the price of this.

Well we did a lot more research and finally decided that this was the best deal. So with the price having dropped another $2k since we looked at it in June it was definitely the winner! (Plus it gets good gas mileage!!) So tonight Ty bought me a new car!!!!
Check it out!!

I love the bluish color!

The interior is immaculate and it only has 28k miles!

Plus 3 dogs fit (pretty cozily) in the back! It even has a nav system that is totally just for fun, but awesome!!

Here's just a few fun pics of Josie as well! Enjoy!

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  1. Sweet new ride! I love the mud picture.....why kids love mud on their faces I'll never know! :P