Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camping in Stanley!

We finally found a weekend that Ty had off and we planned a Camping trip to Red Fish Lake. Correction...we are unable to camp where there are many other people due to the dogs, so it was actually further north, closer to Camp Bradley. It's at the base of Ruffneck Peak and Langer Lake. 

Friday night we made it up to Hell Roaring Creek and set up camp. It was pretty darn cold, but so beautiful! 

In the morning we headed into Stanley and ate at the Stanley Baking Co. It was sooo good! Their scones are to die for!

Our cute little monster!

After that we drove to Kirkham Hot Spring near Lowman. It was really nice to sit and relax! There were a lot of people there though! Josie liked it too! Just before we left, both Ty and I jumped into the So. Fork of the Payette River...which by the way is freezing!! But hey you only live once! After realizing we had less than 1/4 tank of gas we drove back to Stanley. Although it was out of the way, we got to see a really cool classic car show! For those of you who don't know, both Ty and I really like old hot rods! For me a Corvette Stingray and him a Mustang Fast Back. But really anything else that has been restored also catches our eye.

We headed up that afternoon to our second camp site, north of Camp Bradley off of Seafoam Road. It was beautiful! 

Josie's such a big helper! :)

We played for a few hours and made some yummy dinner. After that Josie wanted to play bubbles, so Ty and I took turns blowing, while Josie helped. 

 The next day we decided to hike up to Ruffneck Peak, but Summer had other plans. About half way through the hike she took off down the mountain and she couldn't find her anywhere! Ty was pretty angry. But we finally decided she would show up eventually and kept hiking. Although we never did make it the peak we stopped and had lunch at Langer Lake, which was beautiful! Josie loved being able to hike by herself and play on the logs!

 Real troopers!

 Sniff decided he would pose for the camera too!

Of course after we headed back to the truck, there was Summer waiting for us! Stubborn dog! 

Ty wanted to see how far the road went so we headed off on a scenic drive. It was really quite beautiful! We made it about an hour past the trailhead before we turned around.  

We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the camper as the rain came and went.

That evening we went out to make dinner and saw a whole herd of sheep only 100 feet or so from our camper.


 There was a guard dog that Josie thought was Summer, but it was a pure bred Pyrenees. Josie wasn't afraid at all and walked right up to the dog! 

As you can see from the picture the sheep weren't too far off. Josie let out a squeal when she got really close  and the dog jumped in surprise and took off! 

All the sheep scattered as quick as they could! It was hilarious! Obviously the dog hadn't been around a lot of toddlers! 

About an hour later we saw the same dog and one of his guard dog buddies come back down the road looking for us.  We think it went something like this! 

     "That's the little girl I was telling you about! Doesn't she look scary?"

     "You're kidding right?" That little girl??? She wouldn't hurt a fly!" You're just a chicken!"    

   "No! I'm serious! I've never been so scared in my life! I think she was going to eat me!!''

 "Ha ha ha! Whatever! Come on let go back to our camp!"

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